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Star-Crossed Recap

At Kara's apartment, Kara and Mon-El watch TV and Mon-El suggests that they watch musicals. She smiles and Mon-el points it out, and Kara admits that she's happy. He's happy that she's happy, and they kiss. The TV signal is intercepted and a woman voice's rings out, demanding that Mon-El's "captors" hand him over. She says that they know where Mon-El is, and if the people don't give Mon-El up by dawn then they will take him by force.

Everyone gathers at the DEO, and Hank explains that they detected a spacecraft above Earth. He shows Mon-El the scan of the ship and asks if it looks familiar, and he claims that he's never see it before. Hank calls on Winn, only to discover that he isn't there.

Winn and Lyra are out on the town and stop at the National City Art Museum side entrance. She says that they won't let them do what she wants to do while they're open. Lyra yanks open the security panel and suggests that they go in and have museum sex. Winn immediately agrees and bypasses the lock.

The next day, Supergirl goes to meet the aliens and Mon-El insists on going with her. She says that they want her so he shouldn't go. Supergirl flies up and notices that the ship is beat up, and the aliens fire a missile at her. She evades it but they fire a clear bubble that seals her inside. Before Hank and Mon-el can head up, Supergirl breaks free just as she crashes to the street. She flies back at the ship and the aliens fire on her. Mon-El finally calls over the radio, identifying himself and telling the invaders that he will surrender. The aliens shut down their weapons and Supergirl flies back to the DEO. Mon-El says that it's his decision, and Alex reports that the ship is locking into their coordinates with a teleportation beam. Supergirl asks Mon-El if he's sure, and he says that he'll be okay and kisses her. The teleportation beam locks on him... and Supergirl grabs him and is teleported up with him.

Aboard the ship, Mon-El tells Supergirl that he wanted to go to the ship but doesn't explain why. The aliens bow to Mon-El and Mon-El's parents Rhea and Lar Gand greet their son. They say that they've finally found him. Rhea hugs Mon-El, who says that they thought he was dead. Lar apologizes to Supergirl, saying that they were defending themselves and Supergirl attacked first. As she starts to argue, Mon-El introduces Rhea and lar. Supergirl realizes that Mon-El is the prince, and Mon-el says that he has to go back. His parents insist that he stay and have a fast, and Supergirl says that she'd like to know more about Mon-El.

At the DEO, Winn finally arrives and starts singing as he works. Maggie calls and asks him to come to the police station. When Winn arrives, Maggie asks him if he was at the museum. He admits that he and Lyra broke in after hours, and Maggie shows him a painting of Starry Night by Van Gogh. It went missing the previous night, and Maggie shows him video of him there by himself. She points out that it looks bad for Winn, and he asks for his one phone call.

Aboard the Daxamite ship, the family eats and Lar explains that they follow Mon-El's beacon across the galaxy. They were surprised to learn of Mon-El's heroics, and figure that it's Supergirl's influence. Lar points out that their servants were treated well, and Supergirl reminds them that they stole their servants from their family. Rhea insists that they liberated their servants and gave them a path. Mon-El wonders how they escaped the blast, and Lar says that when Krypton blew up, they had to evacuate. The atmosphere has returned and now they plan to make Daxam great again. Mon-El says that it was never great, and Supergirl says that Mon-El might find novel about her is her integrity. Lar changes the subject, asking how Mon-El got to Earth, and Supergirl wants to hear the explanation as well.

As the pieces of Krypton rain down on Mon-El, Mon-El is in bed with a woman. His bodyguard says that they have to go and tells Mon-El to abandon the woman. They run to the escape pod and the bodyguard finds a Kryptonian emissary preparing to leave. The guard kills him and gets Mon-el inside, and holds off the Daxamites looking for escape long enough for the pod to take off.

Rhea tells her son that he was brave, and Supergirl excuses herself. Mon-El says that he has business as well and goes after her, and Rhea and Lar look at each other.

Back at the DEO, Supergirl tells Mon-El that he's a liar. Mon-El insists that he just wants to be an average guy, but Supergirl says that it changes everything. She's furious that Mon-el ruled a cruel planet, and asks him if he feels guilty about the dead emissary. Supergirl tells him that she can't even look at him and flies off.

At the police station, Winn tells Maggie that they didn't take anything. Alex and James come in response to Winn's call, and Maggie says that it's no coincidence that the camera didn't show Lyra. Winn admits that Lyra's phone was disconnected, and Maggie tells him that Lyra framed him. She warns that they'll pin the theft on Winn, and James says that they'll get proof. Alex asks Maggie to release Winn to them and give them 48 hours so that they can track down Lyra. Maggie gives them 24 hours and Alex thanks her.

At the DEO, Alex examines the footage and tells Winn that Lyra isn't there. Winn insists that she was there, and Hank confirms that Valerians like Lyra can't be seen on security cameras. Alex learns that there have been two other art thefts in the last nine months. In both cases the main suspect claimed that their girlfriend set them up. Winn admits that he doesn't know where Lyra lives but she's registered, and Hank confirms that her registered address is a fake. When James suggests that they bring Mon-El, Supergirl refuses.

Alex talks to Kara privately and says that she understands why Kara is upset. Kara explains that the Royal Family kept their servants drunk and happy to distract them from their captivity. Alex suggests that Mon-El might be looking for a fresh start, and Kara should give him a chance to explain. Rhea teleports in and asks to speak with Kara.

At the alien bar, Alex, James, and Winn question an alien, Boris. Alex twists his arm until Boris hints that they could pay him for the information with Hamilton tickets. Alex agrees and Boris tells them that the Valerians hang out at a trailer park. The trio leaves to find Lyra.

Rhea and Kara talk out on the balcony and Rhea thanks Kara for looking out for her son. She then asks Kara for help bringing their people back to Daxam and repopulate the planet. Kara admits that Krypton made mistakes, and rhea says that her people need a future. Mon-El can be the face of that future. She figures that Kara is starting to despise Mon-El as Daxamite royalty and considers herself better than the Daxamites. Rhea asks Kara to speak to his parents and figures that he'll believe her because he's under her spell.

Lyra is in her trailer when Winn knocks at the door. She says that he shouldn't be there, and that what she did wasn't personal. Winn wonders why she waited so long, and Lyra explains that she needed time to gain his trust. He tells her to look her in the eyes lines and admits that she has no feelings for him, and if she does then he'll leave. Lyra does so and Winn walks out. Guardian is outside, and Lyra says that she also has backup... and hers kill. Two aliens arrive and attack Winn and Guardian as Lyra runs off.

Guardian takes on the aliens while Winn goes after Lyra. She slams him to the ground and pins him with one foot, and he trips her. Meanwhile, the two aliens knock Guardian down. Alex arrives and takes one of them out, and Guardian defeats the other. A van pulls up and one of the aliens gets inside. The van drives off and Lyra runs up, yelling for it to come back. Alex finds the painting in Lyra's trailer, and Lyra says that they have no idea what they've done.

At the DEO, Winn asks an imprisoned Lyra for the truth. She says that the people she works for have his brother Bastian, and he's as good as dead. Winn tells her that he would have helped her if he'd known, because he cares for her. He asks for the truth, and Lyra describes how her parents died of starvation on Starhven. She admits that she's a refugee and a thief, and that she liked Winn. Winn asks why she conned him, and Lyra says that Bastian hasn't been carrying his weight with the gang he works for so she offered to clear his debt. She admits that she didn't want to con Winn but she had to, and if she doesn't get the painting to the gang then they'll kill him.

Winn gets the name of the buyer, Mandrax, from Lyra. He tells Hank and Alex, and they know him as an art buyer since he escaped from Fort Rozz. Winn wants to give them the painting and get Bastian out, but Hank suggests that Lyra is conning Winn again. Winn insists that he believes her, but Hank says that he can't afford to. He tells Winn that they'll investigate Mandrax and proceed accordingly.

Later, Winn releases Lyra and tells her to trust him.

Kara finds Mon-El in the medbay and says that she talked to Rhea. Mon-El refuses to go back to the Daxamite ship, and asks Kara what he can do to fix their situation. He wants to try, but Kara tells him that he's been given a second chance. His parents and his people are alive and they need him, and Mon-el shouldn't throw the chance away. Kara tells Mon-El to start acting like a prince and leaves.

That night, Lyra takes Winn and the painting to the warehouse where Mandrax is meeting the gang. Winn says that he's the nerd who helped her get the painting. Mandrax arrives and the gang leader gives him the painting. When he hands over the money, Lyra demands Bastian and the gang leader tells her to wait. She refuses and the gang members bring Bastian out but hang onto him. Mandrax checks the painting first and realizes that the painting is a forgery. He prepares to kill Lyra and Winn steps forward, saying that he'll have to go through him first. Mandrax isn't interested, and Guardian drops down and attacks Mandrax. The alien shrugs off his first attack and Winn gets Lyra out.

The gang catches up to Winn and Lyra, who aren't interested in negotiating. Winn grabs one of their guns and threatens to shoot the leader, who aims his gun at Lyra. The leader asks if Winn is willing to die for Lyra, and Lyra asks if the leader is.

Guardian manages to pin Mandrax with a net, slowing him down until he breaks free. He kicks guardian through a window in front of Winn, and Alex and a DEO team drop in. She tells everyone to freeze and they take Mandrax and the gang into custody. Lyra realizes that it was Winn's plan all along, and jokingly says that her keeping secrets is rubbing off on Winn. Winn tells her to go to her brother, and she and Bastian hug.

At the police station, Winn gives Maggie the real painting and the aliens. He asks her to forget Lyra and Bastian, and Maggie agrees. Back at the DEO, Lyra tells Winn that she and Bastian will find a new place. She figures that Winn hates her, Lyra goes to the medbay to check on her brother, and Kara asks Winn if he's afraid that Lyra will hurt him again. Winn tells his friend that Lyra didn't want to hurt him and she was willing to sacrifice her life for her brother. As they watch Lyra and Bastian, Winn tells Kara that Mon-el had his reasons for doing what he did, and Kara will have to decide if they're good enough for her.

Kara returns to her apartment and finds Mon-El waiting for her. He says that he owes Kara a lot and most of all the truth. Mon-El introduces himself as the former prince of Daxam, and admits that he was a spoiled useless person until he met Kara. Now he's a hero and gets to spend his time with Kara, and he loves her. Kara says that she deserves better than being lied to, and Mon-El admits that he is a liar but hopes she can see the good in him. She asks him if he was ever going to tell the truth, and Mon-El admits that he doesn't know. Kara tells him that he just wants things to be easy, but falling in love and being a hero isn't easy. She tells Mon-El that it's over and Mon-El walks out.

Mon-El beams up to the Daxamite ship and asks Rhea if she told Kara that their relationship wouldn't last. Lar asks Mon-el to return with them to Daxam, but he refuses. He figures that nothing will change and explains that he detests who he was. Rhea says that he sounds just like Kara, and Mon-El tells her that Kara is the best thing that has ever happened to him. He tells his parents that they should leave and never return, and tells them to send him home to Earth. After a moment, Lar does so.

The next day, Winn give Supergirl the interdimensional extrapolator that Cisco gave Supergirl. Mon-el is standing nearby, and Supergirl admits that she could use an interdimensional post-breakup vacation. Hank announces that they have a new prisoner coming in: Music Meister. When he sees Supergirl, he says that he let himself be caught because he's been looking for her. His eyes glow and Supergirl stares at him, transfixed.

Music Meister breaks free, takes the extrapolator, and opens a breach. He tells everyone that he has to chase down Flash, goes through the portal, and it closes behind him. Supergirl collapses... and finds herself in a 30s club dressing room. The stage manager comes in and says that she's on. Kara has no idea what he's talking about, and he takes her to the stage and says that she's the opening act. The curtain opens and the piano starts playing as everyone waits for Kara to sing.

Written by Gadfly on Mar 21, 2017

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