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And Then There Were None

Eon and Vilgax team up and bring together a team of evil-parallel Bens, (consisting of Albedo, the black haired "Bad Ben", the Australian accented warlord Mad-Ben, the deformed Benzarro and the uncaring Nega-Ben) who go after a Ben who never got his Omnitrix from that summer vacation six years ago, thus considering him a 'wild card' and decide to end him so he won't soon be a threat. Professor Paradox helps mainstream Ben 10 to find a team of good Bens (consisting of the rich, famous Ben 23, a 10-year-old "Gwen 10" and mainstream Ben's futuristic self, Ben 10,000) to fight back and save normal Ben. Things take a turn for the worst when Vilgax uses a Chrono-sapien time bomb to wipe out Ben in every other dimension from the normal Ben. Before disappearing, Mainstream Ben gives his Omnitrix to Normal Ben. Paradox brings the only Ben to survive, Normal Ben, and tells him his only hope is to back to the beginning and become Ben 10 when he should have.

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