Infantino Street

With 24 hours left to save Iris, Barry recruits Len Snart from the past to steal a Dominator power cell from ARGUS. Meanwhile, Joe and Kid Flash take Iris somewhere that Savitar can't find her, and Killer Frost calls Vibe out to kill him... and the last vestiges of her old self.


By Gadfly on May 17, 2017

Twenty-Four Hours Until Iris West Dies H.R. and Tracy have coffee Cisco works at his lab and checks the time. Joe sits at home and looks at a photo of his family. Wally comes in and they hug. At the loft, Iris and Barry lie in bed and look at the ceiling. Iris says that she wants caviar, and Barry goes out to get some. He asks her to stay with them and promises that the team will come up with something. They kiss and then Barry speeds out. Once she's alone, Iris records a message for…

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Episode Discussion

Dubs posted 2 years ago

This has been so consistent!... in getting worse and worse. While I watch this show week after week, I'm finding myself caring less about any character or plot point. They came off an incredible season 1 that had me almost in tears at the end. Season 2 was a complete mess that showed they didn't know who to make Zoom in the end so they took a punt and redid the villain of the season one story. Season 3, whilst its a touch better than 2, it is still inconsistent and they don't know how to do time travel at all.

They need to stop having crossovers all the time and have their seasons shortened by at least 5 episodes.

This is a harsh critique but comes from me wanting the show to be great because the 1st season was so good.

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