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Old Wounds

It's 2418, and the Planetary Union promotes Ed Mercer to Captain of the exploratory vessel The U.S.S. Orville. Ed's enthusiasm for his new position is dampened when his ex-wife, Kelly Grayson, is assigned to be his First Officer. While on their first routine mission, the Orville crew is ambushed by the Krill, a vicious alien race, who are bent on stealing a device that can cause time to accelerate.

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Episode Discussion

pithawg posted 5 months ago

To fun to cancel..  silly albeit insane & moderately classy

Alastor posted 3 years ago

Oh great if it is being cancelled then pointless in watching it :(

R3CO249 posted 3 years ago

I really want to watch this but don't know where to look for it.

ChristianDenton posted 3 years ago

I really want to like it but its going to take some growing. Hopefully it will get a chance to figure things out.

JuanArango posted 3 years ago

I think this was pretty funny and entertaining.

Rickiesgal posted 3 years ago

yeah, not sure this show knows what it wants to be.

Kaitlin posted 3 years ago

Will be cancelled

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