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A Fistful of Blood

Sheriff Leon asks Arthur to go undercover and help him take out some electricity-using rebels that threaten his power in a powerless town. However, Arthur soon discovers that he's on the wrong side in the power struggle. Meanwhile, Grace and Julian sit down for a drink, and Aki copes with her new feelings for Chris.


By Gadfly on Aug 3, 2017

Arthur, Grace, and the Scholar head toward Red River in the Camaro. A sheriff sees them drive by, while Arthur points out they're the only racers on the road. He suspects that Julian is up to something, and Grace tells the camera that she's going to kill the watching Julian. Arthur says that she needs to stay with him, just as a cop car runs its sirens and heads toward them. Grace figures that they need fuel, and Arthur says that he'll handle it. The sheriff, Leon, comes over and asks if they…

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