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A Fistful of Blood Recap

Arthur, Grace, and the Scholar head toward Red River in the Camaro. A sheriff sees them drive by, while Arthur points out they're the only racers on the road. He suspects that Julian is up to something, and Grace tells the camera that she's going to kill the watching Julian. Arthur says that she needs to stay with him, just as a cop car runs its sirens and heads toward them. Grace figures that they need fuel, and Arthur says that he'll handle it.

The sheriff, Leon, comes over and asks if they're in a hurry. Leon asks if everything is all right, and asks the Scholar if he's all right. Startled to be addressed, the Scholar assures him that he's fine. Arthur says that he's on the LA force, and Leon asks where they're header. When he learns that they're headed to Red River, Leon points out that they were going 92 miles per hour, and he could use some police help. When Grace objects, Leon makes it clear that if they don't help him, they don't pass through Red river. He gives them directions to a garage up the road, and Arthur has no choice but to head there. Behind them, Leon removes his sunglasses, revealing hollowed-out pits.

Aki lies in bed alone and strokes the pillow where Chris lay. She then gets up and checks the building's surveillance cameras. Meanwhile, Chris gets outside and when he steps away from the door, it disappears behind him.

Arthur, Grace, and the Scholar arrive in Red River and discover that cars are prohibited. They hear a noise and the garage owner, Terry, says that it's an EMP. She explains that Leon runs it on the barrier and there's now power allowed in Red River. Cars stall out, and the Scholar realizes that they can safely remove their brain bombs. As they do so, the Scholar sees a nuclear-powered sedan and explains that they only made twelve. It gets a million miles to a charge, and Terry never sold it because she wanted to admire it.

Leon arrives and the Scholar says that he'll stay there with Terry. As they go through town, Leon explains that a lot of people got sick and went crazy once the Scar was exposed. He figured that the electricity came from the power grid along the Scar, and the evil from it was coming through the power lines. He pulled the lines and cut the power, but the sickness was already there. Some twisted townspeople started using electricity as a weapon, and they used a juice killer to stop them. There are more of them now, and they're planning to come back and fix what they started. Since they don’t' know Arthur, Leon wants him to sneak into their camp and shut down their power source, and then he'll stop them for good. Arthur figures that he has no choice, and Leon tells him to get cleaned up and be at the police station in an hour.

At the hotel, Grace takes a bath first. She remembers the doctors taking Karma away, and learning that her sister was dead. She then calls Arthur in, and he finally comes in. Grace gets out of the tub and asks if he wants to have sex again. Arthur tells her that she can't fuck the pain away, but she figure that there's no harm in trying and she frees free. He says that he likes her but he doesn't want to be her fix. Grace tells him not to overanalyze everything, but Arthur backs out and closes the door.

In LA, Chris walks down the street and finds a newspaper. He realizes that more time has passed than he thought, and tries to find someone who can tell him what happened.

Terry tells the Scholar that she's been living in Red River for ten years. She admits that most people think that she's weird, but she prefers being alone with her cars. The Scholar says that he's alone as well.

Grace goes to the saloon and the bartender tells her that Leon doesn't let them sell alcohol. All they sell is expresso. Julian slides a bottle of whiskey to her, and Grace says that once she's finished drinking, he'll die.

Arthur goes to the sheriff's office and Leon shows him the rebel power station. There's an electrified fence around it, and Leon's assistant gives Arthur civilian clothing to change into. Once Arthur is inside, he'll hook up the pack they give him, it'll take out their power plant, and Leon and his men will go in. When Arthur wonders if they're going to arrest them, Leon says that it's up to them.

A few minutes later, Arthur goes to the saloon wearing civilian rags. He tells Grace that he needs her help, and she says that she and Julian are busy. Arthur figures that Leon is not being straight like them and says that it's a two-man job, but Grace insists that she can't help him. Leon calls Arthur out.

Chris goes to the deserted police station and hears a phone ringing. He finally answers it and hears a woman saying that she needs help. Men come in and Chris hides. Meanwhile, Aki sees through his eye and runs off.

At the power station, Arthur approaches the gate and their leader, says that he doesn't know him. Arthur says that he needs to charge his power pack, and he left his car in a garage. The leader refuses to trade with people they don't know, but Arthur says that he has water. Once Arthur is inside, he asks why they don’t' trade with Red River. His escort says that they don't care for Red River folks, particularly Leon, as they walk past families. Arthur claims that he was a mailman, and Leon leads him to the charge station. They plug the charge pack in, and it takes out the power. The leader says that Arthur killed them, just as Leon and his men charge in and attack the residents. Leon knocks the leader down, and tells Arthur that they'll turn the power back on after the trial and tells his men to start building the gallows.

Back in red river, Leon says that the punishment needs to fit the crime. Arthur points out that the people barely fought back, and Leon tells him to get out or Arthur will join the prisoners at the end of a rope.

Chris crawls to the door, and the men grab him. When he says he's with ContraCrime, the gang tells him that ContraCrime is dead and there aren't any laws. All of the police split, and there's no one left to play with. Chris' eye stabs the gang leader in the head, and blood spurts out of the head wound. The leader falls to the ground, and the others run. Aki comes in and tells Chris that he's becoming. She says that she wasn't programmed with emotions, but when Chris said that he loved her, something happened. Aki missed him when he left, and she thinks that she feels "love" for him. She assures him that it isn't a trick and says that she'll take care of him. They undress and have sex.

Arthur finds Grace in the saloon and says that he needs help. He explains what happened, and Leon is going to kill a kid. Grace tells him to fight his own demons and she'll fight hers, and Arthur finds Leon and tells him that he's not going to let him do it. Leon draws his gun on Arthur, and tells his men that they've got one more for the rope.


Grace and Julian drink and Julian says that when he recruited her, he had no idea that she would be so good. He tells Grace that it has always ended well for him, and figures that she doesn't know who he really is. Julian says that he was built for the life and he's always a step ahead. He invites her to try and kill him, and says that it's a showdown. When Grace tries to run, Julian easily smashes her to the floor and then draws a knife on her when she gets up. He has her sit down and then pins one hand to the table with his knife.

Arthur finds Grace in the saloon and says that he needs her help. Grace says that she's busy, and Arthur goes. Julian asks Grace if she's going to let Arthur lead her off on another mission, and pulls the knife out of his hand. He throws it away and says that they can play 20 Questions for 20 punches. He asks her how her personal questions, and each time she answers, Race punches him. He asks her how his parents died, and Grace says that she doesn't have to answer it. Undeterred, Julian pours more whiskey and says that they'll probably be there for a while. Grace asks him why he's so obsessed with her and Karma. He doesn't know and suggests says that Heart is obsessed with her and sends lots of notes, and it's ruing his show. Grace figures that she should talk to one of the executives. Julian punches her and then slams her to the floor.

Arthur comes back in and says that he needs help. He explains what happened, and Leon is going to kill a kid. Grace tells him to fight his own demons and she'll fight hers. Once Arthur leaves, Grace tells Julian that he shouldn't mess with heart's favorite racer. She pours more whiskey, and Julian points out that there are no cameras in Red river and no one to watch. He brought her there because he plans to kill her because she's a stain on his masterpiece. Arthur yells for Grace to help him, and grace spits the drink on Julian and sets him on fire. He worries about his hat, and Grace hits him with a chair. When Julian beats out the flames and reminds her that she can't kill him, Grace says that she needed the discarded knife. She grabs it, jumps out the window, and throws the knife.

In jail, the leader tells Arthur that he deserves to be imprisoned after what Arthur did. Arthur insists that he only did what he did because Leon lied to him, and the leader explains that Leon was the one who changed. He killed anyone who disagreed with him, and anyone who doesn't do their job dies. They pushed back, and their family got a lot smaller.

The Scholar and Terry agree that they make a great team. He says that Terry is beautiful, and they hesitantly kiss.

After sex, Aki realizes that something is different. Her eyes are now human, and she covers herself. Chris points out that she's never done that before, and Aki says that she feels shame. He says that's good because she's becoming human, and Aki admits that he's right. She analyzes the error and says that it means that she loves him. Chris says that he loves her, and Aki wonders what they do now. He figures that they should get the hell out of the city.

Leon and his men take Arthur and the prisoners to the gallows. The sheriff insists that laws what got them into a mess. Leon says that Arthur will die first and they take him to the gallows. Arthur yells to Grace, and she jumps out the window and throws the knife, killing one of Leon's men. She takes on the others, while Arthur grabs the knife and frees himself. Leon goes for his gun, and Arthur tackles him just before the sheriff can shoot Grace. Arthur aims the gun at Leon and says that he killed children, and Leon tells him that there's no law without blood and Arthur hasn't learned that yet but he will.

Julian comes out and watches, as Leo tells Arthur that he saw what Arthur did to get the diary. He warns that it's nothing compared to what Arthur is going to do, and the Scar helped him see. Leon removes his sunglasses, revealing the dark pits, and says that the Scar helped him see. Arthur shoots him dead, and realizes that he's been wounded in the stomach. He falls to the dirt and Grace gets him into the Camaro. The Scholar and Terry come out, and the Scholar says that they saved his life. He tells her that the town needs a new sheriff, and Grace wishes them luck.

Julian is waiting at the car, and Grace asks if he has the guts to put on the same show when the cameras are running. He tells her that she's not going to have a happy ending, and points out that Arthur shot the sheriff in cold blood. Grace tells Julian that his mind games won't work on them, and they'll kill him if he follows them. Julian tips his hat to her, and as they pull out he says left they live, right they die. Grace turns right, and Julian walks off.

Written by Gadfly on Aug 3, 2017

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