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Five months later, Oliver adapts to a new role while Black Siren launches an attack on the police and the team.

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By Gadfly on Oct 13, 2017

Five Months later Green Arrow takes down the men guarding a ship in the harbor. He then swings out of the water, lands on the ship, and continues fighting his way through the remaining guards. He calls in that there's no sign of Alex Faust, and Spartan takes down other men and confirms that he hasn't seen Faust. An armored Wild Dog takes down a man before he can kill Spartan from behind.' As a guard attacks Arrow, Faust comes out on deck and activates a missile launcher. He tells Arrow tha…

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Episode Discussion

JuanArango posted 6 years ago

I agree with JCuervo here, think it is great that evil Laurel is back :D

IrvingReyes posted 6 years ago

I don't know, this was kind of a good episode. But it could have been better.

JCuervo_a posted 6 years ago

I didn't like the way they handled last season's cliffhanger. Putting that aside, it was a good season opener.

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