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Episode 4

Phil is in a good mood when he receives a royalty check for his 1980's hit. It may only be for 72 pounds and 50 pence, but hey, it means he can afford a night out... a night out with Sandy.

Jack is smitten when he meets the new girl at school, Inge from Denmark. When he learns that Inge sings, he is convinced she would be a great addition to the band. Granville and Eddie are not so keen, as Adi is their lead singer and they do not want to stab him in the back. Phil is also troubled at the prospect. As far as he is concerned, having a woman in a band only leads to strife and heartache, which is the last thing he wants for Jack. However, when Phil sees how hard Jack has fallen for Inge, he relents.

When Sandy, Ashton and Carmen learn that Phil has made a decision about the band without them, it does not go down well. But when Phil plays them the track he has recorded with Inge and the band, they see that maybe he was right after all. And luckily for Phil, this also means that his date with Sandy is still on. But how will Adi and his father, Daneesh, take the news?

Meanwhile, Jack can hardly believe his luck when Inge invites him round to her house, especially as it looks like her parents will be out. But he has never been in this position with a girl before. What should he do? Get advice from the just as un-worldly wise Granville and Eddie, of course.

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