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Episode 5

The boys are less than thrilled by the news that Phil expects them to play at his parents' fiftieth wedding anniversary party. If the other kids at school find out they do gigs for pensioners, they will be a laughing stock. Consequently, Phil runs into trouble with the other parents who feel that, once again, he has made a band decision without consulting them. In their view this is an official gig booking, and Ashton in particular is affronted not to have even received an invite. He believes that as co-managers of the band they should be there.

Meanwhile, Phil's grumpy dad, George, is not keen on all the fuss that is being made. He cannot see why they are not just staying at Phil's house instead of a fancy hotel. Despite Phil's best efforts George insists on being grumpy and antagonistic, and it seems Phil cannot do anything right. His mum Mary, on the other hand, is looking forward to the party and being spoilt. However, Phil is apprehensive when he learns that Mary has invited Marketa to the party. He has already invited Sandy, and the last thing he needs is a showdown.

The day of the gig arrives and the boys still don't have a name for the band, but the party turns out to be not so bad after all for Granville, Eddie and Adi when they meet Jack's cute cousin Emily and her two friends. Phil hopes that things will stay civil between Marketa and Sandy, and George still refuses to enjoy himself. However, events take a sudden and unexpected turn when George passes out in the middle of the band's set. Jack is horrified; has their music killed his grandad?

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