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Episode 6

Phil is surprised to learn from Jack's headmaster that the band has entered the school talent contest. He did not even know there was a school talent contest, and believes that talent contests just aren't rock and roll. Phil is even less impressed to learn that it is Sandy who entered them. He calls for a band meeting but is taken by surprise when Marketa announces that she will be at the meeting too.

Phil is totally overruled at the meeting by everyone, including Marketa, but brightens when Sandy invites him round to her place for a cosy dinner.

Jack plucks up the courage to ask Lucy if she will come and support the band at the talent show, but is disappointed when she makes it clear she thinks that it is lame and has no intention of being there.

Meanwhile, it looks like the band has settled on a name at last: 1-2-3-4. If the band is going to be doing the talent show, then Phil feels it is essential to whip them into shape with extra rehearsals. He becomes even more adamant when it emerges that the boys will face tough competition from another band, and a girl band at that. Phil reckons this means they will need to get a PA, lights, pyros, the works. He even gets Kipper involved as a roadie.

Kipper takes his role seriously, even getting special backstage passes made and hiring security to make the band look more professional. However, this move backfires somewhat when Kipper's security man refuses to let a pass-less Phil backstage. Added to that, Phil has problems with the pyros, and the band costumes Sandy has designed are far from ideal. Despite all the mishaps the show does go on, and to Jack's surprise, Lucy is there. She even tells him she thought the band were really good. Could it be that Jack has a chance with Lucy after all?

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