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Human Is

After a battle with aliens, a cold unloving husband returns from the war... and his wife Vera realizes that he's changed. But is it for the better?

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By Gadfly on Jan 27, 2018

Terra, 2520 Director Vera Herrick looks on as her husband Colonel Silas Herrick accepts an award on behalf of his men. Everyone applauds and afterward, General Olin tells Vera that she must be proud. He says that Vera's quick thinking saved them many casualties, and Vera thanks him. Once he leaves, Silas glare at Vera. When they return home, Silas says that Olin is jealous and diminished him when he received the honor of a lifetime. Vera says that Olin was just being kind, and Silas grabs her…

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Episode Discussion

Myshows posted a year ago

I love stories like this. Where ship-of-Theseus like questions are raised in the premises of the personality.

The best episodes (as this one) are the episodes you'd like to rewatch.

Alastor posted 3 years ago

Loved it and Bryan Cranston is a brilliant actor that can fit into any role.

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