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Real Life

A lesbian cop in the future uses the virtual device that her wife has developed to enter the world of 2017 where she's a grieving male billionaire, George Miller, hunting down his wife's killer... and he uses a VR headset that lets him imagine a life as a lesbian cop in the future. George must decide which life is real and end the other one.

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By Gadfly on Jan 27, 2018

A woman, Sarah, is sitting and remembering a man discussing a police case. Her partner Mario is sitting at the diner counter with her, and snaps her out of her reverie. Sarah talks about the case and how the suspects will lead them back to Colin. They go to their police car and drive back to the precinct house, and Mario points out that everyone is affected by the departmental massacre. He assures Sarah that she want to find Colin and the men responsible. At home, Sarah is drinking and lookin…

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Episode Discussion

Myshows posted 2 years ago

So far every episode has an amazing picture, but narrative feels frustratingly dragging for some reason.

kyrat posted 3 years ago

Listed as Episode 1 on Amazon Prime

Gadfly posted 3 years ago

I preferred "The Commuter", but this is second best of the first five.

Alastor posted 4 years ago

Brilliant and like the other guy said best so far. Anna Paquin is smoking hot and has the sexiest mouth I have ever seen!

springfield45 posted 4 years ago

I enjoyed this, probably it's best so far.

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