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Kill All Others

In the near future, automation has replaced most humans and only one candidate runs for President. Philbert Noyce is one of the few remaining human workers, and realizes that the government is conducting a campaign to the public against "the Others"... and Philbert is next.

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By Gadfly on Jan 28, 2018

The media runs government pieces on Mex-US-Can. At home, Philbert Noyce is shaving and an advertisement for shaving cream pops up on his mirror. Disgusted, Philbert goes to find his wife Maggie. Maggie is sitting on the couch with a hologrammatic model from a coffee ad. Philbert shuts off the ad and tells Maggie that she's late to work. On the train to work, Philbert glares irritably at all of the advertising playing on screens around the city. An interviewer, Rashad, is questioning The Candi…

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Episode Discussion

Myshows posted 4 years ago

Plot of the original story is so elegant and complete. Genius in its simplicity.

It's not about gadgets. And you don't need TV (although it helps) to brainwash. It's been happening for ages.

It's about system creating environment to flush out and root out people, who are not part of the system.

kyrat posted 5 years ago

Biting satire of todays times, showing the results of only one sane person trying to stand up to the insidious spread of hate and paranoia by a popoular candidate.

And all others so addicted to their gadgets they barely notice.

IrvingReyes posted 6 years ago

This was a very interesting episode indeed, this is something that's currently happening in TV the brainwashing thing, people nowadays identify themselves with causes they don't even know, it's amazing

Alastor posted 6 years ago

I liked this one and this is happenging th brain washing of the masses on TV

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