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The Waking Dream

Vic decides to stay behind and finds Kevin. Meanwhile, Adrian finds Eve and Alex at the mall, and Jonah finds someone from his pre-amnesia life.


By Gadfly on Aug 18, 2017

Kevin wakes up in the Garf house as the Mist seeps in. He gets up and Vic finds him. The game store owner tells Kevin to come with him and leads him to a nearby house. they get inside and close the doors, and Kevin asks where Adrian is. Vic explains that the others all thought Kevin was dead, but Vic wanted to stay behind. Kevin says that he has to go, and that Adrian raped his daughter. Mia, Jonah, and Adrian drive to the mall. When she wondered why Duncan tried to kill Adrian, Adrian talks…

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Episode Discussion

springfield45 posted 3 years ago

Hope they renew it, so close to finding some answers. Some bad alliances have formed, evil and nut groupings.

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