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The Waking Dream Recap

Kevin wakes up in the Garf house as the Mist seeps in. He gets up and Vic finds him. The game store owner tells Kevin to come with him and leads him to a nearby house. they get inside and close the doors, and Kevin asks where Adrian is. Vic explains that the others all thought Kevin was dead, but Vic wanted to stay behind. Kevin says that he has to go, and that Adrian raped his daughter.

Mia, Jonah, and Adrian drive to the mall. When she wondered why Duncan tried to kill Adrian, Adrian talks about how someone beat him up at school and sandy took Adrian there and forced the boy to apologize. When they returned home, Duncan said that Adrian was a pussy and beat him. Adrian says that it's just Duncan trying to finish what he started.

Eve checks on Jay and tosses him some food. He wonders why she doesn't let him die, and Eve says that she's not a sociopath like Jay. Jay promises to leave Alex alone and says that he cares about her, and insists that he didn't touch her. Eve doesn't believe him, and says that he's just like his father blaming others on his failure. Jay tells her that Connor thinks that he raped Alex, too. Eve tells him to look elsewhere if he wants pity and leaves.

Connor leads the others through the sewers, explaining that it leads to the mall and he's been down there before tracking a robber. The other two followers, Trevor and Ursula, ask Nathalie if it's what they're meant to do, and Nathalie says that they're not meant to question their path.

Raj tells the loading dock group that Shelley was beaten to death and they're talking blaming Alex. Eve figures that they'll come after Alex, and Kimi says that she went to look for Jay. When Eve says that they have to leave, Kimi wonders how when the cars aren't working. Eve tells her that they'll find a map, locate the nearest public building, and make a run for it.

Kyle visits Gus in his office and asks what he plans to do about Alex. He says that the others are calling for Alex to hang, and figures that Alex deserves it since she killed Shelley. Gus says that they'll send her out into the Mist, but doesn't know what to do about Eve yet.

Kevin wakes up and asks Vic why he stayed, and Vic explains that he found an old TV antenna on top of the roof and figured that he could boost his radio signal. Depressed, Kevin says that he didn't see what was inside of Adrian. He suggests that they head to the mall, breaking into houses as they go and waiting for the Mist to thin out. Vic warns that it'll take forever, and Kevin says that it'll take as long as it takes.

Mia pulls up to a loading door at the mall, and Adrian says that he'll find Alex and Eve on his own. Jonah shoots the door open and they go inside. Once they close the door, Adrian goes off on his own while Jonah and Mia look for supplies.

Kevin and Vic head out of the house and run down the block past a corpse hanging in the trees. They break into another house and close the door behind them, and discover bodies on the floor.

Adrian sits in the dark and rehearses what he's going to tell Alex about how Duncan attacked him and Kevin jumped in the way and got killed. Once he's ready, he goes looking for her.

Alex continues searching for Jay and Eve finds her. She says that they have to go because the other group is blaming Alex for Shelley's death.

Connor and the others climb up a shaft, but Trevor is last and is startled by a rat. He falls and breaks his leg, and her wife Ursula says that they'll come get them. Nathalie says that Trevor's journey ends there, and Connor tells Ursula that they can't carry Trevor to the mall while Nathalie says that he'll become part of the circle. Ursula slaps Nathalie, and Connor holds her back. Nathalie looks at Connor, who nods and then tells Ursula that she should be with her husband. He takes out a knife ad stabs her, and then lets her fall into the shaft on top of Trevor. The rats close in on them, and Connor closes the door as they scream.

Adrian finds Eve and Alex, and Alex hugs him. He braces himself and then tells them that Kevin is dead. Alex breaks into tears, and Adrian recites his story. They hear Gus and his people approaching and Eve leads Alex and Adrian off.

Jonah and Mia don't find anything, and Jonah says that they'll get out and drive until they find a place. Mia asks Jonah to play a game with her, and has him pretend that everything is normal. She asks him what he wants, and Jonah says that he wants to know who he is. Mia says that she ran away from his boyfriend and took his money, and he was a drug dealer. She then asks if Jonah wants to run away with her and takes out the money she stole, and he immediately says that he would. Jonah suggests that they go to Iowa under the open sky and get a house. Mia asks if the Mist stops then will he go with her, because she's tired of running, and Jonah agrees to go with her. He holds her and says that it's okay, and tells her that she needs to rest in the nearby manager's office. Mia agrees and after they kiss, she goes into the office to sleep.

In the atrium, Wes and Susan discuss Shelley's death and Wes isn't convinced that Alex killed the woman. He tells Susan to go to bed while he grabs a few things, and enters a nearby shop. Wes finds Jonah, who says that he didn't know anyone was there. The soldier stares at Jonah in recognition and then asks if he needs help. They introduce themselves and Wes asks if Jonah is traveling alone. Jonah lies and says that he is, and Wes comes over to his shake his hand. He jumps Wes and finally renders him unconscious with a sleeper hold.

Kevin and Vic confirm that the corpses are from Arrowhead, and Vic picks up a radio. A man comes down the stairs, aims a shotgun at them, and tells them to put the radio down.

Connor wonders if he pleased Nature, and Nathalie assures him that he did. She says that death supports life and he's helping life, and then picks up a rat and tells Connor to touch him. Nathalie says that through the rat, Mother Nature shows Connor her love and Nathalie can feel Connor's love.

The owner asks if Kevin and Vic are with them. Kevin says that he's just trying to get to his family, and tells the owner to either shoot him or put the gun down. After a moment, the owner lowers the gun and says that the Army was everywhere and everything was on fire. He admits that he doesn't know what is real anymore, and Kevin notices a nearby pistol. When the owner talks about how his wife didn't make it back to the store, Kevin goes for the gun. The owner fires firs and misses, and Kevin grabs the gun and shoots at him. Vic ducks into the kitchen, and Kevin tells the owner to let them leave. Before the owner can respond, Vic knocks him out from behind. He and Kevin search the bodies for anything useful, and Vic finds keys for a car. He figures that If it's a military car then it might still work.

Kevin checks the owner and tells him that he's sorry about his wife. The owner says that they're going to kill them all, and Kevin promises that he won't tell anyone that he's there. The man says that he knows he won't and holds up a grenade. Kevin runs into the next room and takes cover behind a corpse as the grenade explodes. Kevin realizes that the Mist is leaking in, and sees the dead Pundik on the couch. Pundik gets up and asks Kevin where he went, and Kevin backs away. Mike appears in the mist and accuses Kevin of leaving him. Kevin stumbles off as the dead orderly Nash says that the Devil is coming and wats to see Kevin. Stumbling through the Mist, Kevin finally confronts… himself. He fights his counterpart and beats him to death, then goes outside. Vic pulls up in the military car and Kevin gets inside and tells Vic to go.

Eve, Alex, and Adrian take shelter, and Eve figures that if they can get into a car then it'll be safer than in the mall. Adrian says that his friends have a car and figures that he can trust them, and Eve agrees to go with them. As they come out, Gus and the others see them and Eve ducks back inside and the trio runs. Kyle chases after them, but Eve and the others hide. The security guard approaches them as Gus and the others run up, and Eve shoots Kyle in the shoulder. She tells Alex and Adrian to run, and they leave via a door as Kyle picks up his gun and goes after them.

When Jonah wakes up, he discovers that Wes has tied him to a chair.

Eve, Alex, and Adrian come to a dead end. Gus and the others arrive, and Gus says that he saw Alex kill Shelley. Eve wonders if he killed Gus, and Gus hits her. Kyle asks if they killed Jay, and Alex says that she hasn't seen him in days. Eve tells them that she knows where Jay is, and takes them to him. Alex goes to him as Adrian stares at her, and Alex asks Eve why she did it.

Nathaniel and Connor reach the mall basement and Nathalie asks him if he's ready for their embrace. She walks into the mall and holds out her hand. After a moment, Connor takes it and they walk together.

Vic asks Kevin what was back at the house, and Kevin says that it was a reminder. They arrive at the mall and Vic says that he's going to stay there. Kevin tells him to keep an eye out and runs into the mall.

Wes tells Jonah that they've been looking for him since before the Mist started, and Jonah just walked across his path. Jonah admits that he has no idea who Wes is, and Wes says that the captain won't be happy to hear that. He salutes Jonah, calls him sir, and says that he's glad that he's safe.

Written by Gadfly on Aug 18, 2017

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