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Cradles and Graves

Clem manages to revive the team, but they're trapped on the airstrip in Seoul amidst a cloud of spores. As they struggle to survive, Clem goes into labor and one team member will have to make the ultimate sacrifice to save the others.



By Gadfly on Sep 8, 2017

On the jet in Seoul, Clem looks at her reflection and takes in her accelerated pregnancy. When she gets no response from the team, Clem goes to look for them. The door to the tank room is sealed, and blood leaks in under the door. At the IADG command center in Colorado, Dariela tells Quentin that the transmission cut off and she can't raise the team. Analyst Knox warns that they need the rest of the data if they want to stop the beacons from activating the hybrids. Another nest activates in H…

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