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Cradles and Graves Recap

On the jet in Seoul, Clem looks at her reflection and takes in her accelerated pregnancy. When she gets no response from the team, Clem goes to look for them. The door to the tank room is sealed, and blood leaks in under the door.

At the IADG command center in Colorado, Dariela tells Quentin that the transmission cut off and she can't raise the team. Analyst Knox warns that they need the rest of the data if they want to stop the beacons from activating the hybrids. Another nest activates in Hanoi and they detect a possible beacon in southern China near Hong Kong. Some of the code converts to beacon locations, and they prepare to send teams out. Dariela warns that they don’t know how to shut down the beacons, and Quentin tells Dariela to get the information from the team.

Clem pries the door open and the wounded Jackson falls in. She goes to get help and finds Abe lying on the stairs. Running through the jet, Clem finds Jamie, Max, and Mitch, and calls the ambulance to send a hospital. Sam calls from his cell, and Clem grabs a knife and goes to find him. he asks if the baby is okay, and she asks why he's locked up. Clem frees him and says that he needs help.

Dariela scrambles teams and Knox tells her that he's created an algorithm to determine when the awakened hybrids will permanently overwhelm coalition defenses. According to his calculations, they have 31 hours and 17 minutes. Logan comes in as the analysts determine that the spores are spreading south from the Seoul nest and is heading right for the airport. Dariela realizes that it's too late for the team to get into the air.

As Clem and Sam gather the injured team members, ambulances pull up outside. Clem realizes that Abigail attacked them, and Dariela calls. Dariela tells Clem not to open the door because the air outside is contaminated, and she stops Sam before he can open the door. The paramedic outside explodes in a burst of blood, and Clem tells Sam that they can't open the door.

Once Sam pressurizes the cabin, Clem says that powering the engines will pull too much air into the plane. Dariela is sending a team to deal with the spares, and she takes the tank liquid to them. She and Sam mix it into a 50/50 solution to speed up the healing process. The team needs to breathe in the liquid, and Sam figures that they'll drown... and Clem says that's the idea.

Sam and Clem administer the liquid to Mitch and Clem holds Mitch's mouth and nose shut. He starts gagging until the healing kicks in, and they administer the same treatment to Abe, then Jamie, Max, and Jackson. They revive and Clem explains what she did. Jackson tells Clem that Sam is working with Abigail, and Mitch realizes that Clem is late-term pregnant. Abe tells him that he sped up Clem's pregnancy with the hybrid growth factors. They explain that Sam is the father, and Jamie admits that she never switched Mitch back from Duncan. She says that she asked Duncan to kill Abigail, and Mitch tells Clem that he's taking her to a hospital. Clem explains about the quarantine and how she pressurized the plane and turned off the power, and Dariela will get a team there in five hours. Jamie warns that without power the plane won't stay pressurized for five hours: they only have two to three hours. As they take in the news, Clem's water breaks.

Abe examines Clem and says that the baby is in the correct position but she's only two centimeters dilated. Clem figures that she has some time before she gives birth and gets up. She tells Mitch that he needs to deal with his breaking, and Abe starts gasping. Mitch checks his chest wound and Clem confirms that they used all of the tank liquid. Max and Mitch tend to his injury while Clem goes to find a way to hold the spores off.

Clem and Sam look for something to reinforce the overboard exhaust valve. Sam tells her to slow down, and Clem asks how he knows Abigail. He says that he grew up with Abigail and his parents were shepherds. Abigail was the only person he kept in touch with, and Clem tells him that Abigail is bad news. Sam insists that what they had in Boulder was real, and insists that Clem can test him. She says that the baby is all that matters to them and to the world and walks off.

Jamie shows Jackson the exhaust valve and he tells Jamie to wait there, and then locks her in a cage. He tells her to let them know when the monitor on the wall turns red. When Jamie objects, Jackson says that he doesn't trust her, and Jamie realizes that Jackson is trying to save her. He walks off without responding and checks on the others. Max and Mitch are operating on Abe, who says that he has a chest cavity and can't breathe. Mitch says that he needs Steve, Jamie's scorpion, and the paralytic venom it has. Jackson grabs it from the cage and has it sting Abe. Mitch uses a credit card to patch the wound, and Jackson tries to get more info on the dead man's switch.

Clem and Sam spray bug spray on the vent piece to test it, but it doesn't work as planned.

Max tells Mitch that Abe and Jamie were both trying to help Clem and the baby. Mitch prepares to go find Clem, but Max insists that they ca test Sam and checks Mitch's wound. He says that the gunshot is fine but there are other scars. Mitch refuses to discuss it and tells his father to stitch him up. As he works on his son, Max talks about holding a baby in one's arms and says that Mitch will want to share the moment with people he loves. Mitch doesn't want to hear it, and says that it will take more than a new baby to make things right in the world.

Jamie watches as the monitor slowly rises toward the red. Mitch comes in and Jamie says that she knows what he did to her was horrible. She apologizes, saying it was the only way to get Abigail. She tells Mitch that she understands why he's mad at her, and Mitch says that her obsession almost got them all killed. He's not anything at her anymore, and explains that while he was in the tank he had dreams about the two of them and they were pretty good. Now Mitch knows that they don't mean anything because in real life, whenever there's a sliver of hope, there's some darkness that sweeps in. Now it's worse because Jamie is the darkness. Mitch turns and walks out.

Jackson checks the dead man's switch and tells Dariela that the Internet is down because their power is done. He suggests that they cut the power to the beacons, and Dariela tells him that they have shock grenades that will act as EMPs. The IADG soldiers get to the roof of the building with the beacon, and discover that it's protected by a sonic shield. They find a power cable and cut it, and the camera feed shuts off. Logan realizes that they just lost Tokyo.

Tessa is at the refugee camp in Salt Lake City, and Jackson calls and tells her that he couldn't stop Abigail. He explains that her beacons are going off all over the world, and they lost Tokyo trying to stop her. Jackson tells her that he's trapped in the jet in Seoul and the team that was supposed to rescue them was blown up in Tokyo. He asks Tessa to find Abigail and stop her, and hangs up.

Mitch finds Clem, who tells him that her shield idea failed. Clem contractions and says that she's going to be a lousy mother. She insists that the baby survives and demands that Mitch promise that he comes first. Mitch leads her off now that the contractions are less than thirty seconds apart.

In the workshop, Mitch tries to distract Clem with information on toads. Max suggests that they use whiskey because they don't have chemicals for an epidural, but Clem refuses. He realizes that the contractions are coming too fast and says that they have to calm Clem down. Sam comes in and Clem talks about the night they met in Boulder. He tells her that she can do it, and Mitch realizes that they need preen glands from ducks to oil up the filters and keep the spores out. Max tells him to stay with Clem while he deals with it.

Tessa arrives at the IADG and says that she needs them to contact Jackson because she has an idea.

Max finds some emergency candles.

Abraham wakes up and tells Mitch and Sam not to move Clem. He examines her and says that it could be a clot. If they don't force delivery immediately then the baby won't survive. However, forcing a delivery could break the clot after the baby is born, endangering Clem's life. Mitch tells him to think of something else and Sam agrees. Clem insists that the baby is what matters.

Abraham mixes up a solution to speed up Clem's contractions and injects her with it.

Dariela gets Tessa through to Jackson. She says that she's keeping him from giving up, and tells him to look at the code as an Oz. Jackson remembers about how Robert used to tell him a joke about following ants, and finds a way to Abigail's beacon system. He warns that they need a bigger computer, and Abigail says that they need to get the laptop to IADG command. The IADG team will be at the jet I an hour to neutralize the spores, but the spores will be there in 15 minutes.

Max visits Jamie and explains that he made a filter with hydraulic fluid. Jamie warns that if he changes the filter then he'll be exposed to the spores. Max figures that the spores there have been diffused for hours, but Jamie warns that he doesn't know that. He tells her that Mitch will eventually realize she made her decisions out of love, and Jamie shouldn't beat herself up over it. As Max goes, he tells Jamie to take care of Mitch for him.

Clem pushes.

Max goes to the filter room and prepares to put in the modified filter.

Mitch nods encouragement to Clem, and Abe delivers the baby.

Max hears his great grandson crying and smiles.

Jamie hears the baby crying and smiles.

Max puts in the modified filter and turns on the auxiliary unit to circulate the air.

Clem holds her baby as Sam, Mitch, and Abe look on.

Max collapses as the air circulates through the jet.

Mitch holds his grandson and tells it that the world is going to get better now that he's there. They realize that Max turned on the auxiliary power, and Abe confirms that the clot has passed. Mitch gives his grandson back to Clem, and she thanks Mitch for helping him. She then asks Abe to test him for the CLM protein. Sam tells Clem that she's brave and they kiss, and she asks where Max is. Mitch goes to look for him.

In the auxiliary power room, Mitch finds Max on the floor. Max tells him that his idea worked and they finally found a way to work together. He says that he heard the baby and tells Mitch to say that he said hello. Mitch helps his father up and takes him out.

The IADG team flies over and sprays the neutralizing agent on the jet. Tessa tells Jackson that it's time to save the world.

Mitch takes Max to the baby and Max holds his great grandson. Max smiles and then dies, and Mitch breaks into tears. He then goes down and tells Jamie that Clem had the baby and he's beautiful and perfect. Jamie asks if everyone is okay, and Mitch insists that everyone is fine, even Max. He apologizes to Jamie as the jet heads for Colorado.

Written by Gadfly on Sep 8, 2017

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