Black Siren kills three seemingly unrelated Star City residents, and the team tries to figure out why. Meanwhile, Alena comes to Felicity asking for help with Cayden James, and Oliver deals with having retired as Green Arrow.


By Gadfly on Nov 3, 2017

The Earth-2 Laurel goes to a club and a man Jackson Klimavich offers to buy her a drink. They flirt and Laurel takes hand. They end up in the alley and Dinah notices the wedding ring on the man's finger. She says that she won't tell if he won't tell and Jackson asks for one of her secrets. Oliver and Felicity go to dinner and they talk about how it's been three years since their first dinner. He says that he's not ready, and Felicity tells him that the time is right. A woman speaks up from th…

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JuanArango posted a year ago

Michael Emerson is always badass, best episode of this season so far and I like were the plot is going.

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