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Reversal Recap

The Earth-2 Laurel goes to a club and a man Jackson Klimavich offers to buy her a drink. They flirt and Laurel takes hand. They end up in the alley and Dinah notices the wedding ring on the man's finger. She says that she won't tell if he won't tell and Jackson asks for one of her secrets.

Oliver and Felicity go to dinner and they talk about how it's been three years since their first dinner. He says that he's not ready, and Felicity tells him that the time is right. A woman speaks up from the next table and says that she's voting against the anti-vigilante measure, and asks if Oliver and Felicity are back together. Felicity tells Oliver that with all the things that she's doing, she suggests that they ease back into things. She gets a text from the team and goes off to meet with them.

At the bunker, Diggle tells Felicity that Dinah is at the bar with the SCPD after Jackson's body turned up. Dinah tells the team that Laurel killed Jackson with her sonic scream. Felicity confirms that Jackson was an accountant with no criminal record, just as Rene comes in and says that Star City is 70% against the anti-vigilante measure. As Curtis and Felicity start tracking down Laurel, Curtis asks if Felicity mailed in their articles of incorporation for their start-up. Felicity admits that she forgot them and says that she was at dinner with Oliver when she got the text. Curtis tells her to get her man back and he'll find Laurel.

Outside of Star City, Laurel meets with her employer and tells him that the first battle is won. When he points out that she left a body, Laurel says that it's better than leaving a witness. The man gives her a file with a photo of a woman, and Laurel assures him that dealing with her won't be a concern.

Felicity returns to her apartment and calls Oliver to come by. He agrees and after she hangs up, Felicity sees someone behind her and grabs a kitchen knife. It's Alena, who says that she needs Felicity's help. Alena says that Cayden James is working on something that will hurt the entire world and she needs Felicity's help to stop him.

Felicity points out that she went against her team because Alena told her that Cayden was a good guy. She wonders if Alena's presence is part of Cayden's plan, and Alena insists that she's a hactivist not a monster. Alena admits that she doesn't know what Cayden is planning, but she saw his casualty projections and they're at least 4% of the world population: 300 million people. Cayden is in Cordo Maltese, and Felicity is the only person she could turn to Curtis texts saying that Laurel dropped another body, and Felicity tells Alena that she'll help her.

At the bunker, the team checks the file on Veronica Medina, a college librarian. Curtis and Dinah have found anything, and Diggle tells Dinah and Rene to hit the team while Curtis works tech.

Felicity tries to hack Cayden's firewalls, and figures that they can use Cayden's system that he implemented at Helix. When she sees Felicity's startup work, Alena wonders how she went from changing the world to working on home appliances. Felicity points out that Alena ended up working with Cayden, and they leave just as Oliver arrives. He wonders what Alena is doing there, and Felicity explains about Cayden. Oliver insists on going with Felicity, and Felicity points out that it's not his life anymore. He tells her to at least call the team, and Felicity agrees.

A woman, Jenny, is going to her car after yoga and drops her keys. Laurel picks them up and admires Jenny's shoes.

Curtis works to build a device that will triangulate Laurel's sonic cry. It goes off and Curtis pinpoints the location to a parking garage. Arrow, Black Canary, Mr. Terrific, and Wild Dog go in and Black Canary finds Jenny's body. Black Siren blasts her and Black Canary ducks behind a car, then blasts a motorcycle at her. The others arrive as Black Siren flees.

Alena takes Felicity to a techno club and says that they're looking for a dealer named Amnesiac. They find the man unaware that someone is following them. Amnesiac's men grab them and take them into the back room, and Amnesiac greets them. He's a man in a business suit, and they say that they need a ghost mirror drive. Amnesiac demands to know why they want it, just as the masked man barges in and takes out Amnesiac's guards, one of who slams into Alena and knocks her out. Felicity grabs a gun and prepares to shoot the intruder, and Oliver removes the mask and says that he was trying to protect Felicity. She says that she was trying to protect Oliver, pointing out that he's under 24/7 FBI surveillance. Felicity finds the drive and tells Oliver that she has to get Alena out before the men wake up, and says that they'll talk about it later.

Back at the bunker, Curtis finds nothing on Jenny. Dinah arrives and says that all three victims had traces of a polymer used to steal fingerprints. Diggle realizes that the victims' backgrounds were a cover for something big, and Curtis says that he might be able to backtrace Black Siren's sonic cry.

Felicity and Alena go to the former Helix base and Diggle calls Felicity to ask her. She explains what she's doing, and Diggle tells her to come back soon. Meanwhile, Curtis backtraces the sound waves and finds a probable location for Laurel. She's meeting with the man, and Diggle says that he recognizes her and Felicity is in tro0uble.

At the Helix base, Black Siren arrives and blasts the two women. Mercenaries come in and hold them at gunpoint, and Cayden steps out of the shadows. He knows that Alena has been pinging his cell and thought he was in Cordo Maltese, and apologizes to Felicity as collateral damage. Cayden tells the men to make it as humane as possible, and the team arrives to attack the mercenaries. Black Siren attacks Diggle and then flees, and Felicity realizes that Alena was shot during the fight.

Back at the bunker, Felicity tells the team that Alena may pull through and the next few hours will tell. She says that she's not okay with breaking Cayden out of ARGUS and getting Alena shot. She determines that the three victims were access managers to the International Domain Name directory. Someone messing with the directory could collapse the Internet. If Cayden destroys the Internet then he could shut down the world. Felicity starts a hack for the directory vault's location, and Diggle tells Felicity to head home and clear her head whether she wants to or not.

Later, Oliver goes by the apartment and assures Felicity that what is happening is not her fault. He says that she was always there for him, and he followed her to the club so that he could be there for her. Oliver tells her that she would have told him not to live in the past. Curtis texts to say that he's found the vault, and Oliver assures her that he's proud of her.

At the vault, Cayden, Black Siren, and their mercenaries break in and kill the security guard. Cayden points out that without him, she would have either starved or bled to death on Lian Yu. He hands out the fingerprints that they stole to himself and his two operatives, and together they use them to open the vault.

Diggle and the others arrive and find the dead guard. They enter the open vault and Felicity discovers that Cayden put a virus that will overload the system in six minutes. Cayden's mercenaries open fire.

Black Siren tells Cayden that his men have engaged the targets. Cayden discovers that Felicity is on the server and codes something to occupy her. He tells Black Siren to occupy Felicity's friends.

Felicity discovers that Cayden has blocked her out of the server and she'll have to access it directly. The team covers Felicity but they're outgunned and forced to take cover. Felicity tells the team that she needs four minutes, and they engage the enemy. Oliver is at the bunker and contacts Felicity, and he locates the server room and ten hostiles between it and Felicity. He directs her to the safest path.

Diggle asks for a sitrep, and Oliver tells him that Felicity is fine. He continues directing Felicity past the mercenaries, and she goes to work in the server room.

Black Siren attacks the team and Diggle shoots at her. She destroys the arrow with her sonic cry and realizes that she's destroying with a new arrow.

Oliver seals the vault doors as more mercenaries move in, and the server starts overclocking. He tells Felicity that he knows that she can do it.

Black Siren figures that it's time to go and brings down a cargo container. Wild Dog gets him out of the way just in time, and Felicity shuts down the virus. She thanks Oliver and assures him he always finds a way to help.

Later at the bunker, Oliver tells the team that he'll be too busy to be Overwatch fulltime. He says that they have to focus on why Black Siren is working with Cayden, and then apologizes for giving orders. Felicity goes to the hospital and gives her the good news, and asks what she's going to do when she gets out of the hospital. Alena asks to work on Felicity's start-up, and says that she has an idea for what they should do: the spinal implant that Felicity developed. Felicity suggests that they use the name helix for their company, and Alena agrees.

The next day, Cayden gives Black Siren a device to prevent them from tracking her sonic scream. He assures her that the job went as planned: Felicity took down the firewall protecting the vault. Now her digital fingerprints are on the intrusion, and he uploaded a critical piece of code to Arclight. The three of them head to Cayden's private jet.

That night, Oliver and Felicity are kissing. They end up on the couch, and Oliver's phone goes off. It's from Slade, asking for Oliver's help.

Written by Gadfly on Nov 3, 2017

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