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A Dark Knight: The Fear Reaper

Bruce's efforts in fighting crime prove less than successful until Lucius steps in. Meanwhile, Jonathan Crane goes on a rampage through Arkham as the Scarecrow, and Jim goes in alone to stop him. Elsewhere, Tabitha and Selina receive an invitation to join a new criminal enterprise.

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By Gadfly on Sep 29, 2017

Police cars pull up to the Crane house, and Gordon and Harvey lead the men inside after Jonathan. They find his lab and realize that they made more of the fear toxin. There's an asylum uniform with Jonathan's prisoner number on it. Jim sees a scarecrow out in the yard, and he and Harvey go to investigate. Grady is in the outfit, and screams in terror that Scarecrow is coming. Alfred comes to the station to see Bruce and tells him that Wayne Enterprise's top lawyer came to engineer Bruce's releas…

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