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Phone Home

The Legends travel to the 80s after they discover that Ray died there as a child. They soon learn that Young Ray is harboring a baby Dominator... and the government will stop at nothing to acquire it and eliminate Young Ray as a witness. Meanwhile, Jax and Mick discover that Martin may have betrayed the Legends to the Time Bureau.

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By Gadfly on Nov 1, 2017

In Ivy Town in 1988, an agent runs through a lab and reports that they have the target on the move. Young Ray runs through the complex, and two agents close the outside door. The boy slides under it just in time and heads for the lab, and the agent Glasses tells him to calm down and they'll have a nice chat. After a moment, Young Ray grabs the agent's key and his associate shoots. On Waverider, Ray tells the team that he's taking them through a ten-step team process that he developed at Palme…

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Episode Discussion

TonyMayhew posted 5 years ago

Wonderful episode paying homage to E.T. with an absolutely adorable baby Dominator :)

JuanArango posted 5 years ago

Too many babies, but silly enjoyable 80's fun :)

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