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In a post-apocalyptic England, three scavengers break into a warehouse. Two of them are killed by a robot "dog" drone, which relentlessly hunts the survivor.

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By Gadfly on Dec 31, 2017

In a post-apocalyptic England, three scavengers--Bella, Anthony, and Clarke--drive across the wasteland and Bella tosses Anthony some candy. Bella points out that they're the only things left. They drive past empty pig houses, and Anthony says that the dogs took care of them. Clarke talks about how being a pig is undignified, and they pull up to a warehouse. Clarke says that he'll give it a go, and warns that it's mental since he's dying anyway. Bella says that they promised his sister that they…

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Episode Discussion

Thomas posted a year ago

While I understood the meaning of this episode, the episode itself was absolutely awful and very dull.

Alastor posted 2 years ago

horrible episode i did not like it

zwixxx posted 2 years ago

Yeah, left me cold too.

vidomark posted 2 years ago

I only have like one theory about this episode and if I'm right, then this has got to be the worst BM episode, ever. Terrible.

WaspCorp posted 2 years ago

My least favorite from Season 4, found it kinda dull, uninspired. I didn't get what concept they were trying to convey there.

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