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Metalhead Recap

In a post-apocalyptic England, three scavengers--Bella, Anthony, and Clarke--drive across the wasteland and Bella tosses Anthony some candy. Bella points out that they're the only things left. They drive past empty pig houses, and Anthony says that the dogs took care of them. Clarke talks about how being a pig is undignified, and they pull up to a warehouse. Clarke says that he'll give it a go, and warns that it's mental since he's dying anyway. Bella says that they promised his sister that they'd help him, and there's other stuff inside like batteries.

Anthony gets out of the car and tosses a rock at the van outside the warehouse. When nothing responds, Bella and Clarke join him and he tells them to run if they hear anything. Clarke breaks into the van and accesses the onboard computer, and enters security codes from a notebook.

Bella and Anthony enter the warehouse and look for a box with a number that Bella has written on her hand. She finds it on a high shelf, and she and Anthony wheel a ladder cart over. Anthony grabs the box down, and sees a metal dog-drone behind it. The dog fires a projectile into the air, and it explodes spraying shrapnel into Anthony's face and Bella's body. Anthony falls off the ladder, and the dog sprouts legs and climbs down. It advances on Anthony and kills him. Bella runs outside to the car, and Clarke gets the van going and drives off. The dog chases after them, leaps into the back of the van, and kills Clarke.

The van pulls to a stop, and the dog access the onboard computer. Bella stops and then sees the van drive towards her. She drives as fast as she can, and the dog slams the van into her car. Bella finally goes off the road into the woods, and the dog stops the van. Meanwhile, Bella manages to stop the car just as it reaches a cliff.

The shock knocks Bella out. She wakes up as the car tilts over the edge of the cliff. The dog breaks the window and jumps in, and Bella kicks it away and gets out the back. The car falls down the cliff and as Bella walks away, the dog starts to climb out.

Bella reaches a creek and looks for a bottle to capture the water.

The dog breaks off its arm to free itself. It jumps out the back and scans the cliff wall.

Bella finds a bottle and pours water on the wound, and then tries to cut out the piece of shrapnel. She's unable to reach it with a knife and pries it out with pliers, and realizes that there's a flashing light on it. Bella puts the piece in a bottle and throws it into a creek, where it floats away.

The dog follows the signal as the bottle floats down the creek.

Bella runs the opposite direction and calls on a radio for help. She gets no response.

The dog finds the bottle among the rocks.

Bella picks up a faint signal. As she responds, the dog hears her transmitting and homes in on the broadcast. Meanwhile, Bella asks her people to tell Ali that she's sorry, and they just wanted to help her with Jack. Aware that the dog can lock onto her signal, Bella says that she's going to go dark and find some medical supplies. She asks her people to pass on a message to Graham that she loves him and switches off.

The dog finds where Bella cut out the tracker and follows the blood trail. Bella spots it and runs into the forest. She climbs up a tree and hides, but the dog soon detects her and tries to climb p. It's unable to get a grip on the bark, and it crouches and waits. Night falls, and Bella tries to sleep but slips. The dog "wakes up" and watches as Bella manages to pull herself back up. The dog goes back to its "resting" position, and Bella tosses a piece of candy down on it. It wakes up briefly and then goes back into hibernation mode, and Bella counts down from a thousand and tosses another piece of candy. She repeats the process until the dog no longer responds since nothing else happens.

Come morning, Bella climbs down and the dog, lulled into non-responsiveness, doesn't react. She runs to a wall in the middle of the countryside and finds the gate. Bella climbs over the gate, and the dog hears her as she slips. She sees a SUV and discovers that it's locked, and follows the driveway to a door with an intercom and key pad. There's a security slot but no one inside, and Bella sees keys on a nearby desk. Using a piece of antenna, she reaches through the slot to try and move the keys over.

The dog "wakes up" and realizes that Bella is gone, and follows her trail.

Bella snags the keys and pulls them to her, and finds the one to open the door. She goes inside and looks for the SUV keys. When she doesn't find any, Bella goes into the house and discovers that no one is there. She continues searching for the keys and finds two shotgun shells. Bella finds a piano and guitar and stares at them in surprise, and then winces in pain. She goes upstairs and finds the occupants on their bed where they killed themselves with a shotgun. Bella retches at the stench, braces herself, and checks their pockets for the keys. She finds them and takes the shotgun, loading it with the shells that she found earlier. As she goes, Bella winces in pain from her leg wound.

The dog comes to the gate and accesses the keypad, opening the gate.

Bella finds the bathroom and washes her hands. She finds medical supplies in the medicine cabinet and washes the dirt from her wound.

The dog opens the inner door that Bella used.

Bella bandages her wound and realizes that she has a shallow head wound. She runs more water to clean it off, and the dog hears the water. it grabs a kitchen knife and attaches it to its missing forearm, and when Bella shuts off the water she hears it whirring. Grabbing the shotgun, Bella goes to investigate and sees the dog coming up the stairs. She hides in a room under construction, then throws paint on it when it comes in. Bella tosses the can against the wall, and the blinded dog attacks the spot. Meanwhile, Bella runs out of the house to the SUV, gets in, closes the door, and tries to start it. All she does is turn on the stereo.

The dog hears the music and goes to investigate. Both front doors are open, and the dog climbs in and stabs at the walls. Bella moves up and blows the drone's head open with one shot. It slashes her leg and she manages to destroy it with her second and last shot. Dying, the drone fires another projectile and it explodes, spraying Bella with dozens of tracker fragments.

Bella goes back inside and looks at herself in the mirror. She tries to cut one out of her own face, but realizes that they're all glowing... and there are too many to remove safely. Bella picks up the radio and says that if anyone can hear her, she's not coming back. She tells her people to tell Ali to give Jack a kiss for her, and she couldn't get the replacement. Bella says that she loves Graham and all the others, and then signs off. She then starts cutting the trackers out.

Outside the house, dozens of dogs close in.

At the warehouse, the box lies on the floor, teddy bears spilling out of it.

Written by Gadfly on Dec 31, 2017

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