Enter Flashtime

A terrorist detonates a nuclear bomb, and Flash must race between microseconds to try and stop it. Jesse and Jay lend their speed to his efforts, but even the three of them aren't fast enough to stop a nuclear explosion that has already happened.


By Gadfly on Mar 7, 2018

Panting, Barry looks at a frozen Iris in the cortex. He touches her and speed her up to his rate, and explains what's happening. Barry then tells her that he can't save them. 8 Minutes, 47 Seconds Ago Barry is in the speed lab trying to get through one of Cisco's breaches before he closes it. Despite his speed, Barry is unable to get through it and Iris warns that Clifford's portals could close even faster. Barry figures that they need something to defeat Clifford, and Iris suggests that B…

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Episode Discussion

JuanArango posted 11 months ago

Finally an exciting episode again!

WalterAlcaraz posted 11 months ago

Using SuperGirl's help won't work. She is on Earth-38 and Cisco would have to open a breach to that Earth to even reach her. They already tried breaching the nuclear bomb to a dead Earth and discovered that they could not due to the technical requirements of breaching. Flashtime makes breaching impossible because it takes away the main component: Time.

onlyrasel posted 11 months ago

Its fully up to the Writer. He could bring Supergirl or Superman.

JAGUARDOG posted 11 months ago

Or they could fly it directly into our Yellow Sun.

JAGUARDOG posted 11 months ago

Two possible things they could have done in this episode. 1. If one of the many 100's of Earths there are find one that is uninhabited and send it there. If there is not a world that is uninhabited or they had no way to send it to an Earth then choice 2. Go to the Earth where Supergirl or Superman is bring them back and have them fly the thing into outer space!

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