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Enter Flashtime Recap

Panting, Barry looks at a frozen Iris in the cortex. He touches her and speed her up to his rate, and explains what's happening. Barry then tells her that he can't save them.

8 Minutes, 47 Seconds Ago

Barry is in the speed lab trying to get through one of Cisco's breaches before he closes it. Despite his speed, Barry is unable to get through it and Iris warns that Clifford's portals could close even faster. Barry figures that they need something to defeat Clifford, and Iris suggests that Barry take a breather and do something like quality time with her, letting an idea come to her. Her husband agrees to make a dinner reservation somewhere romantic. Harry calls them to the cortex, and explains that Cisco mapped all of the wormholes that Clifford used. Clifford has been blipping around the city for three years, and Cisco says that all they can do is look for the next portal and keep an eye on Ralph, who is moving in downstairs.

Jesse arrives with Harry's apology box, and Harry talks to her privately. She points out that there's nothing recorded on the cube, and Jesse looks around Harry's workshop. Harry tells Jesse to stop bringing up his wife, and Jesse says that he hasn't dealt with losing her years ago. He insists that there's nothing to talk about, and Jesse says that he didn't want to talk about her mother's death but she did and it helped. Furious, Harry pounds on the table and says that he can't talk about it. He calms down and says that Jesse will never understand, and Jesse walks out.\

Joe, the police, and ARGUS agents have pinned down armed robbers at a hangar at an airfield, and Joe signals STAR Labs for backup. The robbers pin down the law officers and Joe figures the robbers want what's in a container.

The team identifies where the distress is coming from, and the team heads there.

The head robber blows open the container and removes her mask. She activates the bomb inside and says that it's ready. Team Flash arrives and captures her men, and she comes out to see Vibe, Killer Frost, and Jesse Quick securing the bad guys. Flash comes up behind the leader and says that it's over. She triggers the remote before Flash can stop her, and he speeds up and turns to see the bomb detonating. Jesse is able to go fast enough to keep up with him, and he warns her that they're too late.

Barry and Jesse examine the bomb and realize that as soon as they slow down, it will finish exploding. If they run it out of Central City, it will accelerate the explosion. They don't have enough time to evacuate the city, and Barry tells Jesse to get Jay in case he knows what to do. She speeds off to Earth-3, and Barry goes to Cisco and speed him up to his level. They go to the bomb and Cisco realizes that it's an experimental fission engine. He describes how the explosion light will go from blue to yellow to purple, and tries to breach it to a dead earth. His breaching powers don't work, and Barry figures that when they're moving that fast--in "Flashtime"--they don't have time for a breach to form. Cisco collapses, gasping, and Barry figure that Cisco's body can't handle the acceleration. Before Barry releases Cisco, Cisco tells him to ask Harry.

When Barry speeds to STAR Labs and accelerates Harry, Harry asks what is going on. Barry explains what happened and that Jesse went to Earth-3. Harry warns that Barry can't stop the reaction but he can send it into the Speed Force. As Harry starts to pass out from the strain, he admits that he doesn't know if the explosion will harm the Speed Force. Jay and Jesse speed in, and Harry tells Barry to get Jesse out of the city. Barry tells Jay and Jesse about Harry's idea, and Jay warns that if they put the bomb into the Speed Force then they could lose it forever.

Jay explains that an explosion could destroy the Speed Force, and every speedster in the multiverse would lose their powers. He refuses to let Barry do it, but Barry insists that he will if it's the only way to save everyone in the city. Barry goes to Harry's workshop and tries to work out the formulas, and Jay warns him that no one knows the consequences of destroying the Speed Force. Frustrated, Barry asks if he has any ideas and then apologizes. Jay suggests that they Barry could restore stability by cooling down the bomb.

The speedsters go to the hangar and speed Frost up. They explain what's happening and that they need her to cool the bomb down. She pours ice onto the bomb, but nothing happens except the bomb casing cracks. Frost starts to burn up from the acceleration, and she asks Barry not to let Caitlin die. He returns her to her own speed, and Jay starts sweating. Jesse suggests that they all throw a lightning bolt at the same time to counter the nuclear explosion. The three speedsters circle the bomb, but Jay collapses from the strain before he can throw his lightning bolt. He apologizes and says that he isn't as fast as he once was, and then freezes as he reverts back to normal time.

As Jesse starts to falter from the strain, Barry figures that there only chance is to put the bomb in the Speed Force. Jesse warns against it and suggests that they go back in time, but Barry warns that once they alter history everything will change. When she complains about Harry, Barry tells her that he has to make the decision for himself.

The combustion reaches its final phase and Barry realizes that they're slowing down. He insists that Jesse go back to Earth-2 like Harry wanted so that she would be safe, and she reluctantly leaves. Sweating from the strain, Barry looks at Joe and apologizes, and then runs off.

Jesse goes to STAR Labs but doesn't have enough speed to accelerate Harry. She tells him that she knows how happy his wife made him and sad that she's gone, and just wants her father to be happy. The strain proves too much and Jesse slows down to normal time.

Barry tries to work out the formulas he needs without success. He staggers away and goes to the cortex, touches her and speed her up to his rate, and explains what's happening. Barry then tells her that he can't save them and doesn't know what to do. Iris assures him that it's okay and admits that it isn't the quality time she was imagining. When Barry says that she's his lightning rod, Iris gets an idea. He says that he can't do it alone, but Iris figures that one of the bolts from the Speed Fore could do it. They need to get the Quark Sphere that Cisco and Caitlin built to make the Speed Force think Barry was there.

Going as fast as he can, Flash enters the Speed Force and gets the Sphere. He grabs it and the lightning follows him as he runs out and appears in the hangar. Flash tosses the Sphere at the bomb and the lightning follows it, its energy cancelling out the explosion.

Harry finds Jesse sitting next to her and hugs his daughter.

Iris calls Flash, who is passed out on the hangar floor. Joe goes to him and Flash wakes up to realize that they're alive.

Later, the team watches a video that the leader, Veronica Dale, saying that eventually people will understands the actions of her and her organization, Eden Corps, will show people the dangers of nuclear power. They wonder who tipped her to the location of the bomb, and if Clifford was involved. Jay prepares to go and tells Iris that she was a big part of it. Caitlin tells him to rest, and Jay says that he's going to retire and train "her" to take over. He tells Barry that if they're not good with the Speed Force, they'll soon find out. Caitlin tells Barry to rest and the team leaves Iris and Barry alone.

Barry tells Iris that he realized that he's fast enough to catch Clifford and they need to figure out when he leaves the pocket dimension. He also says that being ground again, taking a moment with Iris, made everything clearer. Iris lies down next to him and they talk about being together.

Harry is working in the lab when Jesse comes in to say her goodbyes. He tries to explain why he can't talk about his wife, and Jesse says that he doesn't have to explain. She realizes that Harry needs to decide when to face his grief, and offers to be there if he wants to talk to her about it. Harry asks her to stick around and listen, and puts the streamlined version of the thought dampener on Jesse's forehead. He sits down and tries to explain what he's thinking, and then puts the other dampener on it. Jesse reads his thoughts, and Jesse sees and hears her mother in Harry's thoughts.

Later, Caitlin and Harry get coffee at Jitters, Harry says that they had a good listening session, and he figures something is on Caitlin's mind. She admits that she's scared to have a person she knows nothing about living within her, and she remembers what happened to Frost in Flashtime. Frost was worried about Caitlin, just as the mysterious girl comes by and spills coffee on them. She explains that she's supposed to meet some people there for the first time and has the jitters, and rambles on about coffee and hitters. Harry and Caitlin excuse themselves, and the woman mutters to herself that her meeting with the people went well.

Written by Gadfly on Mar 7, 2018

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