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The License

The Tick discovers that he needs a superhero license, which proves to be problematic when he can't remember his real name. The issue gets more complicated when a woman comes forward claiming to be his wife. Meanwhile, Batmanuel hires a publicist and Captain Liberty finds a new beau.

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By Gadfly on Jul 31, 2016

Ata crime scene, the heroes are dealing with the aftermath of their battle. The cops come over and ask for their licenses. Tick doesn’t have one, and the officers write him a ticket. At the Panda, Batmanuel assures his friends that plenty of heroes operate without a license. Janet says that to get a license, Tick will have to go to the DMV and fill out some forms. When Tick and Arthur get there, Tick admits to the clerk, Thelma Green, that he doesn’t have a real name or date of birth that he…

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