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The One Who Will Save Us All

Talbot and Coulson go to negotiate with the Confederacy, while Daisy has Jemma find a way to make the Centipede technology work.

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By Gadfly on May 5, 2018

Talbot levitates the piece of the flooring into the sky with Coulson, and they approach the Confederacy ship above the Lighthouse. On the bridge, Qovas is informed that a human being has entered their docking b ay. The Remorath go to confront them, and Talbot assures Coulson that he can fix it as the Remorath escort them to Qovas. In the Lighthouse, Jemma confirms that Talbot used all of the Gravitonium. Fitzsimmons figures that Talbot has suffered a psychotic break from exposure to the Gravi…

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