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The One Who Will Save Us All Recap

Talbot levitates the piece of the flooring into the sky with Coulson, and they approach the Confederacy ship above the Lighthouse. On the bridge, Qovas is informed that a human being has entered their docking b ay. The Remorath go to confront them, and Talbot assures Coulson that he can fix it as the Remorath escort them to Qovas.

In the Lighthouse, Jemma confirms that Talbot used all of the Gravitonium. Fitzsimmons figures that Talbot has suffered a psychotic break from exposure to the Gravitonium. Meanwhile, Mack goes to check on the downed Remorath. One is still alive, and drinks Odium from a vial at his belt. He stands up and comes at Mack, ignoring his shotgun blasts. They fight hand-to-hand- and Mack manages to take him down. Melinda arrives and stops Mack from killing it, saying that they need a prisoner alive to find out what Talbot and Coulson are up against. After a moment, Mack knocks the Remorath off.

The Confederacy ship leaves Earth's atmosphere, and Talbot tells Coulson that he's keeping the voices in his head in line. He assures Coulson that he has everything under control, and the Remorath take the two humans to the bridge. Coulson says that they're there to negotiate a deal for Earth, and says that Hydra doesn't speak for humanity. When Qovas accuses them of arrogance on his ship, Talbot says that it's his ship. A Remorath prepares to attack him, and Talbot uses his gravity powers to compress him into a ball. Talbot turns to Qovas and tells him to kneel before him. Qovas nods at his people to do so and then kneels himself.

Elena finds Mack and asks if he's okay. When she tries to touch his cheek, Mack draws back and says that he's good and then goes to meet with the others. Melinda and Jemma are questioning the Remorath, who refuses to give away any information. Mack shows the women the Odium that he found, and the Remorath says that it gives them the glory to fight. He goes into convulsions and dies, black goo dripping from his mother. Jemma says that she'll have to cut him open to figure out what the Odium does, and realizes that others expect her to do it.

Coulson tells Talbot that the kneeling may have been over the top, and Talbot ells him not to contradict him. He insists that he's going to save the world, and Qovac says that the Confederacy won't stand for disobedience. Coulson realizes that Hale led Qovas to the Lighthouse, and he goes to the cell where she's held. Hale admits that she sold out Coulson's team because it was the only option she had. Coulson offers his condolences on Ruby's death, and Hale says that she tried to make it better for Ruby but her anger and hatred overwhelmed her. Hale admits that she failed her daughter and Ruby died for nothing, and Coulson says that they could use her health. When she says that she has nothing left to give, Coulson tells her that Talbot wen into the infuser.

Talbot questions Qovas about the Confederacy. He refuses to talk, and Hale comes in and explains that Confederacy structure. Talbot wonders why he should believe her, and Coulson points out that she's the only one who knows how the Confederacy operates. Hale tells Talbot that he's the only one who can save them all, and Hydra's arrangement was that the Confederacy would protect Earth in return for Gravitonium and Inhumans. She wants to renegotiate with the Confederacy and Qovas refuses to take them to the group's gathering. Talbot tells Qovas to bring him up to speed, and Coulson points out that if the Confederacy wants Gravitonium then they'll have Talbot.

Deke rewires the console to bring it back online, and stops Fitz from high-fiving him. Fitz tells him that being a S.H.I.E.L.D. agent has its risks, and Deke reminds him that he's not a S.H.I.E.L.D. agent. He wonders why he's still there. Daisy calls and says that she's flying in. Elena greets her when she gets there, and demands to know where she is. Daisy tells her that Melinda sent her to protect Robin, and Elena accuses her of lying. She asks what is in the bag Daisy is carrying, and takes it at superspeed. Inside is a skeleton, and Daisy punches Elena. Elena counterattacks and the two women fight. They use their powers and Elena punches Daisy at superspeed. Daisy blasts her back, and Melinda arrives and fires a shot into the ceiling to get their attention. She says that they've detected a Remorath ship in orbit above Earth, and they'll leave as soon as they install the artificial gravity in the Zephyr. Elena says that Daisy will get everyone killed, and Melinda tells her that they're saving Coulson and Elena can either figure out a way to help or leave.

On the Confederacy ship, Qovac has his men give Talbot a trim and new robes. He tells Hale and Coulson that he'll go himself, and insists that he can fix it. Talbot then says that he's leaving Coulson in charge, and teleports to the meeting with Qovac. The other five leaders are present, and Qovac says that Talbot has come to renegotiate the deal with Earth.

Daisy is sitting in her quarters when Deke comes in and asks what's in the bag. She says that it's her mother, and Deke says that he heard about the fight and came to see if she was all right. Daisy points out that someone put lemons on her bed, and Deke claims that Fitz did it. He says that Daisy is where she's supposed to be, but he's still trapped in the Lighthouse. Daisy tells him that she's glad he stuck around, and Deke tells her that they have a lot in common because people around them die. She explains about Lincoln and how he died for her, and admits that she's still in love with her. Daisy refuses to lose Coulson because he means more to her than anyone, and Deke says that they'll save her. She asks what Deke was going to say, and Deke tells her that Fitzsimmons are her parents. Deke worries that Daisy finding out would make things weird between them, and she doesn't understand why.

One of the Confederacy members, Estella, doubts that Talbot has harnessed Gravitonium. Qovac assures her that he has, and Talbot suggests that they make him a member. He wonders who is in charge, and Qovac points out Crixon as the wisest among them. when he says that there's no room for a human among them, Talbot says that he's not human and absorbs Crixon into his body with the Gravitonium. He then tells the other five leaders that there's a spot for him.

Mack is working on an anti-gravity generator when Fitz joins him with the necessary part. Once Mack finishes the work, Fitz apologizes to him for locking him up earlier. Mack points out that they had Elena execute a kid, and asks when killing becomes the only way. He says that as S.H.I.E.L.D. they're supposed to be better, and Fitzsimmons are to blame for saying that they're invincible and now Elena believe sit. Mack says that living a good life is simple, but Fitz tells him that there have been lots of time when a few had to be sacrificed to save the lives of many. He insists that Ruby was dangerous and things got complicated, and Mack tells Fitz to look inside of himself and figure out what kind of man he wants be.

Jemma examines the Remorath's exploded heart. Daisy comes in and shows Jemma the Centipede tech and says that they might be able to combine it with her mother's DNA and save Coulson's life. When Jemma objects, Daisy asks her if she's willing to let Coulson die. After a moment, Jemma says that she isn't and Daisy tells her to get to work.

Melinda, Daisy, and Davis board the Zephyr and Deke goes with them, saying that he has to get out of the Lighthouse.

After the other leaders leave, the Kree remains and explains that he's Taryan, Master of the House of Kasius. He says that he's impressed with Talbot, and warns that Earth faces an overwhelming threat. Taryan admits that the Confederacy didn't intend to honor the deal and couldn't even if they wanted to, and Thanos and his forces have begun an assault on Earth. The Kree figures that there might be a way for Earth to survive.

Coulson and Hale look out a viewport and admire the view of space. Coulson notes that they have no way out if things go sideways, and they figure the ship can incinerate the Lighthouse. Talbot and Qovas return and Talbot explains that Thanos is attacking Earth and their on their own. Talbot tells them that he has to become invincible by absorbing the Gravitonium buried beneath Earth's surface. Coulson wants to talk about it, warning that Gravitonium is too dangerous, and Talbot angrily complains that Coulson is second-guessing him and wants Gravitonium's power for himself. When he mentions Taryan as the father of Kasius, Coulson explains that a Kasius in the future rules humanity. Qovas says that the Kasius house is the most noble family in the Confederacy and Coulson is lying. Talbot refuses to discuss the matter with Coulson, and tells Coulson that he's either with him or against him. When Coulson says that he's with him, Talbot tells him to kneel. He uses his gravity powers briefly on Coulson, who has no choice but to kneel.

The Zephyr leaves the atmosphere, and Daisy tells Deke that she should have talked him out of it. She takes his arm and thanks him for coming along. Elena comes in with Mack to monitor the Zephyr's ascent into space, and Mack nods briefly to her. Meanwhile, Melinda cloaks the Zephyr to avoid detection.

In the lab, Fitz monitors the Zephyr's progress and tells Jemma that it's in space. She figures that he's rather be in Control, but Fitz says that it's better that he's not. Jemma works with the Centipede technology, and says that she'd rather not discuss if it's a good idea or not. She tells Fitz to get a viable sample from the body

The Zephyr prepares to dock with the Confederacy ship.

Talbot draws on Quinn's mind to determine where Hydra originally found the Gravitonium. The Confederacy techs detect the Zephyr, and Talbot figures that S.H.I.E.L.D. is up to something. Talbot asks Hale if she had anything to do with it, and she lies and says that she tried to talk Coulson out of it. The general sends soldiers to find the attack team and take them out.

Daisy and Melinda take out the first few soldiers.

Talbot tells Coulson that he should have known he would betray him. Daisy and Melinda enter the bridge, and Talbot grabs Coulson and says that if Daisy quakes, Coulson dies. He says that it's his ship, and Melinda says that they're there to rescue them. Talbot insists that they're there to save him, and Daisy offers herself in return for Coulson. hale speaks up, saying that she trusts Daisy because she kept her word. Talbot says that Gravitonium was made for a hero, not a girl, and Hale tells him to calm himself and invokes his Hydra conditioning. Talbot lowers Coulson to the deck, and Hale tells Talbot to comply. He grabs her instead, lifting her into the air, and then crushes her. Daisy blasts him, but Talbot shrugs off the blast and sends her against the ceiling and then drops her. Melinda prepares to shoot Talbot, and Talbot says that if she does then Coulson dies like Hale. After a moment, Melinda drops her gun and Talbot tells Qovac that they're prisoners of war and should treat them accordingly.

Later in the Confederacy chambers, Taryan contemplates the unconscious Daisy and says that he looks forward to taking Earth's gift home.

Written by Gadfly on May 5, 2018

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