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The Passenger

The Man faces a personal reckoning, while Akecheta and the others find the door. Meanwhile, Bernard meets with Robert one last time after choosing how to deal with Dolores.


By Gadfly on Jun 26, 2018

Bernard wonders if it's now, and Dolores tells him that it's a test, one that they've done countless times before. She says that Bernard is almost the man she remembers but there are flaws. Dolores wonders if they should change him, since he didn't make it. Bernard doesn't understand, and Dolores orders him to freeze. She then starts again with Trial #11,927. Bernard tells her that he was lost in thought. ----- The vehicle finally shuts down in the desert, and Bernard gets out and starts w…

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Episode Discussion

casper1701e posted 2 years ago

As if that Hale person wasn't bad enough? Now there's the bad robot Delores in an even worse robot Hale? And she's free in the real world? God.

kockasti posted 2 years ago

So, the point is that the "freedom" of one person, gained through sick games of one uber-rich scumbag, is worth all those deaths. And it must be so - because they wrapped it up in some stupid poetic coating. Huge disappointment.

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