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Rachel Roth flees her home after a man shoots Rachel's mother in the head. In Detroit, Dick Grayson deals with his job as a police detective while moonlighting as a masked vigilante. A woman in Vienna, Kory Anders, is on the run from criminals, has the ability to shoot fire from her body, and no memory of her past life. And a teenage animal shapeshifter breaks into an electronic store.

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By Gadfly on Oct 12, 2018

A girl, Rachel Roth, enters a circus tent and finds a long-abandoned empty center ring. The lights come on and the announcer calls out the Flying Graysons. Rachel watches as the Grayson parents perform their trapeze act and then their son Dick joins them. The swing line breaks as the parents swing back, and they fall to the dirt below, Dick just missing grabbing his mother. Rachel screams and... ... wakes up from her vision, screaming. Her mother Melissa comes in and Rachel tells her that she…

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Episode Discussion

jimj posted 3 years ago

You are right Mike1616, there doesn't seem to be any story line. It jumps all over the place. I hope it gets better as I think it could a good series. Also it would be nice if you could actually see what is going on during the fights. so far it is too dark to see anything.

JuanArango posted 3 years ago

This was way darker than I expected, liked it a lot.

HenryHospers posted 3 years ago

A good slow build up. Good introduction to the characters. Loved every minute of it. Only 1 question. Which timeline which universe. Nollan or Snyder universe. It fits in both.

mike1616 posted 3 years ago

OK, so Robin is a cop, Raven is a runaway teenager who still has no idea about her parents, Beast Boy is a common thief using his ability's to steel video games and Starfire is a cold blooded killer with no memory of who she is. OH, and to top it off, now she's Black. As for Cyborg, no sighting of him yet. As far as Pilot episodes go, this was lacking any real story line and should have been a 2 hour double episode with a much stronger story line. As far as I am concerned, this show needs to be more clear with the story and ........ well, just be better. So far, I give it a 6/10 at best. Hope it gets better or I can't see it getting much of an audience.

GSwarthout posted 3 years ago

Much better than expected, what with all the kvetching online.

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