The American Alien

With Superman off-world, Supergirl becomes a worldwide beacon of hope. Meanwhile, Lena takes secret measures to keep James out of prison, while Kara welcomes a new report to CatCo and Alex and Brainiac-5 get off to a rocky start after the latter takes Winn's position at the DEO.


By Gadfly on Oct 15, 2018

Newspaper headlines say that Supergirl is everywhere since Superman is off-planet. A satellite crashes toward the city, and Supergirl destroys it with her heat vision and rescues a young girl's balloon. Supergirl flies across the world, stopping an art thief and rescuing a Kasnian train. Kara then arrives in DC and joins James as President Marsdin begins her speech. Marsdin takes a question from Kara about her opinion on the Alien Amnesty Act and her alien amnesty summit at Camp David. As the…

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Episode Discussion

JuanArango posted 9 months ago

Glad that supergirl is back, enjoyed this much more than the season opener from The Flash.

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