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The American Alien Recap

Newspaper headlines say that Supergirl is everywhere since Superman is off-planet. A satellite crashes toward the city, and Supergirl destroys it with her heat vision and rescues a young girl's balloon. Supergirl flies across the world, stopping an art thief and rescuing a Kasnian train.

Kara then arrives in DC and joins James as President Marsdin begins her speech. Marsdin takes a question from Kara about her opinion on the Alien Amnesty Act and her alien amnesty summit at Camp David. As the President gives a statement, Kara tells James that for the first time in her life, she has everything under control.

In the DEO, Alex is training the agents as part of her duties as the new director. One agent, Jensen, takes her down but she then takes him down. As he surrenders, Braianiac-5 comes in and says that Marsdin has arrived for her yearly meeting. Marsdin comes in and Alex greets her. Brainiac-5 is surprised that Alex didn't find his two-second warning sufficient, and Marsdin says that the DEO has been doing a tremendous job protecting the planet since superman left for Argo. She tells Alex that Hank made an excellent choice selecting Alex as his successor.

At CatCo, James tells Kara that her questioning of Marsdin was perfect. He wants her to talk to the cub reporters that are starting today, and Kara says that cat recommended Mia Nal to her. Kara congratulates James on keeping a cool head despite the DA threatening to indict him for vigilante acts. Lena greets them and says that Sam is doing excellent at L-Corp Northeast in Metropolis. Once Kara leave, Lena suggests that James uses some leverage in the mayor's office to get the indictment dropped. James tells her that he doesn't want her involved so that she can remain separate from any hint of her family's past criminal activities.

A group of aliens meet as a support group. The leader, Fiona, has one of the members, Kesse Kay, say that he fits in. He demonstrates his image inducer and Fiona says that he's not the first alien to buy one. Another alien, Vose, wonders who decides what "normal" is and why they should try to blend in. Kesse says that he hasn't had a job in six months. Hank is there and says that it hasn't been easy for any of them, but Vose has used his platform as a nuclear scientist to advocate for change.

Vose goes back to his lab and Mercy Graves and her brother Otis come in. Otis shoos Vose with an energy blaster, grabs him, and cuts off Vose's arm tusks with a laser. Mercy uses them to access the scanner on Vose's lab, while Vose secretly triggers an alarm. Supergirl flies in and Otis triggers a sonic device, stunning Supergirl. Mercy throws a set of manacles at Supergirl's ankles, binding them, and Otis shoots Supergirl out of the building. Once Supergirl is out in the air, Mercy triggers the gravity generator on the manacles, causing Supergirl to crash to the sidewalk many stories below.

Brainiac-5 tells Alex that he didn't think she needed any heads up. Alex reminds him that she's been telling him for months to tell her when something important is coming up. The DEO receives word of the attack and Brainic-5 flies there using his Legion Ring before Alex can stop him. He frees Supergirl from the manacles and Supergirl flies off.

Mercy gets an EMP device from Vose's lab. When Supergirl flies in, Otis tosses an incendiary device at Vose and the brother and sister escape while Supergirl shields Vose. The DEO arrives and secures the lab, and Hank comes in to check on Vose. Vose wonders if he was wrong and none of them are safe. Supergirl greets Hank, who explains that Vose is a friend of his. She tells Hank that the Graves were high-level criminals, but Hank figures that it was a hate crime against aliens. Supergirl figures that Vose being an alien was coincidental and leaves to CatCo.

Brainiac-5 returns to the DEO, and Alex says that he always does too much or too little and he can't go rogue whenever he feels like it. She tells him to never leave the building unless he tells her to, and Brainiac-5 agrees.

As Kara gets in the elevator at CatCo, Nia has her hold the elevator until she can get in. She explains why she's late and says that she wanted to make a good impression on Kara, and then realizes who Kara is. Nia introduces herself and gives Kara a latte that she picked up for her. Kara jokingly says that Nia is just like she was when she arrived at CatCo.

Lena's contact tells her that things are looking worse for James.

At their HQ, Mercy is working on the device. A man in armor confirms that they got the EMP.

After the meeting, Kara calls Nia to her desk and asks if she picked an article. Nia has selected a fashion district article, and Kara asks if she wants to do something with more heft. The cub reporter says that clothing is important and new legislation is allowing designers to work in an area that was a hotbed of crime, opening up new jobs and growing the community. Kara tells her to pitch the article like that to James. Once Nia leaves, Brainiac-5 calls and says that he checked the surveillance from Vose's lab and identified the thieves. He has identified their ex-employer.

Supergirl goes to see the ex-employer: Lillian. Lena is with her mother in prison playing chess, and Supergirl explains that the Graves worked for Lex, betrayed him to the authorities, and then worked for Lillian in Cadmus. Lillian says that she's not vengeful anymore, and explains that she realized that she didn't want to die alone so she had to change. Supergirl asks for a location of Cadmus bases where they might hide.

Hank meets Fiona at the alien bar bar, and Fiona says that no one else showed up for the support meeting. The other members are scared after the attack on Vose. Fiona explains that she's an empath, and refuses to run anymore. She explains that they're starting a patrol group in the neighborhood to fight back, and asks Hank to join them. Hank says that he's made a vow to fight in a peaceful way, just as an anti-alien activist throws an incendiary into the bar. Hank gets Fiona to cover as the incendiary goes off.

When the DEO secure the crime scene, Supergirl arrives and Hank tells her that it was a hate crime. He thinks that the attack on Vose was a hate crime as well, but Supergirl still doesn't believe that it was anti-alien related. She says that Marsdin is about to celebrate the Alien Amnesty Act's anniversary, and Hank warns that aliens are feeling the brunt of the backlash. He figures that people embrace Supergirl because she looks human, and Supergirl irritably says that he should leave protecting the city to her since he left the DEO. Once Supergirl leaves, Fiona comes in and asks if Supergirl is always that stubborn. Hank says that Supergirl always wants to remain hopeful.

That night, Kara and Alex have takeout at Kara's apartment. Alex says that her dating is going okay, and she's stress-eating because of Brainiac-5. Kara points out that Brainiac-5 is new to the time period and suggests that Alex go easy on him. Alex agrees and asks about Kara, pointing out that she's not eating. Kara explains about her argument with Hank, and says that she feels the world is better than ever. She doesn't know what Hank's life is like since he left the DEO, and feels that his worldview is ominous. Alex wonders what she's afraid of, and Kara says that she wants the world to stay good even if it's for a little while. Her foster sister says that if Kara faces anything then she can conquer anything.

Lena and Lillian play chess, and Lena claims that she doesn't her fate on her mother. Lena says that marketing the image inducers is just business and finances her important project. Lillian wonders why Lena is really there, and Lena says that she wants to rebuild the relationships that she's lost... including Lillian. She admits that there were some good times even with Lex. Lillian blames Superman for tearing the family apart, and Lena says that it was Lex's relationship with Bruno Mannheim that started Lex down the wrong path. Lillian says that Bruno was only in it for the money and laundered money through L-Corp. Lena wonders if there are any other secrets, and Lillian says that it's time to educate her.

James hands out the assignments and another reporter leaps in before Nia can speak up. The reporter, MacKenzie, says that her mother is a designer and she can access practically anyone on the record. James asks if anyone else wants to do it, and Nia remains silent as Kara watches her. Kara gets a text from Brainiac-5, who says that he found the abandoned warehouse where the Graves are.

Supergirl flies to the warehouse but finds no one. Brainiac-5 checks the computers, and Supergirl finds several computers running chat rooms. There are text messages from anti-alien activists, discussing alien locations and bomb-making. A woman calls and says that the weapon she bought barely killed the aliens. Brainiac-5 confirms that the chat rooms are running through the dark web and untraceable. However, he found a deleted e-mail with blueprints of Camp David. Supergirl realizes that the Graves are going to attack Marsdin's alien summit.

Kara visits Hank and tells him that he was right. She asks for Hank's help protecting Camp David and then fighting the anti-alien activists. Hank says that he can't fight because it is no longer his path. His father asked him to promote peace, and Hank says that he will support Kara but cannot join her battle.

Supergirl flies to the White House and asks Marsdin to cancel the summit. Marsdin refuses, saying that there's always someone to be afraid of and yet they carry on.

That night at Camp David, the DEO secure the place while Supergirl hovers overhead, standing watch. Inside, Marsdin meets with the aliens as Alex comes in. The EMP goes off over the camp and power shuts down. As the helicopters crash, Alex has Brainiac-5 activate the countermeasures, restoring powers. Alex has her people move Marsdin to the safehouse, and Marcy and Otis come in wearing DEO uniforms. Alex fights Mercy, and Mercy tosses Alex an incendiary device and escapes while Alex disables it with her magnetic tools.

As the agents take Marsdin out of the room, Otis opens fire. Supergirl destroys his gun with her heat vision. Mercy and Otis escape on motorcycles, and Supergirl takes out the path ahead of them. Mercy triggers an ultrasonic device and says that she won't stop them. She insists that they're fighting to save the country, shoots Otis in the shoulder, and he goes off the road. Supergirl rescues him and discovers that he's wearing a bulletproof vest. Otis says that they've lit the fuse and it's going to be beautiful.

Alex takes Otis to the DEO, and she promises Otis that he'll tell her where Mercy is. She goes over to Brainiac-5, who is playing with items from a comic book store. Brainiac-5 is wearing the same cardigan as Winn, and Brainiac-5 says that he figured the best way to keep Alex happy was to act like Winn. Alex says that she's not very good with change and admits that she does miss Winn. She tells Brainiac-5 that she's been punishing him for not being Winn, and Brainiac-5 says that he's been missing his friends. Alex says that they're stuck with each other and it's a good thing once they find their rhythm. She tells him not to wear any more sweaters.

Lena gives the DA a recording of Lillian reciting all of Bruno's location. The DA asks if Lena knows she played her, and Lena says that Lillian will soon. After a moment, the DA feigns any knowledge of Guardian.

Kara approaches Nia and says that her approach to the article was better. Nia says that she was scared of James and MacKenzie is well connected, and finally admits that she was afraid to make waves. Kara tells her that she understands fear and never gets over it, but they have to jump back in. She says that Nia should make waves anyway and Nia agrees. James is looking on, and jokingly points out that Kara is turning into Cat. The news reports that all charges are being dropped against James.

James goes into his office and tells Lena that there was nothing to worry about just like he said. He thanks her for letting him handle it by himself, and Lena says that she couldn't bear to see someone else close to her go to prison. On the news, the DA says that if James goes back to being Guardian then he'll be arrested.

As the DA says that they've uncovered new evidence against Bruno, Lillian watches and realizes that Lena played her.

Kara finds Hank at the alien bar and apologizes for asking him to compromise. Hank apologizes for making things worse for her, and Kara says that she thought the country was in a better place. He assures her that her optimism is a beacon of hope and will inspire change. The news runs footage that show Marsdin briefly reverting to her alien form, and Hank notices that Fiona isn't there.

Fiona wakes up in Marcy's new base. The armored man--Agent Liberty--tells Mercy that she did good work. Liberty kills Fiona and says that he's an agent of liberty.

In an underground base in Kasnian, Supergirl's doppelganger pounds at a tunnel wall as soldiers look on.

Written by Gadfly on Oct 15, 2018

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