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Stranger in a Strange Land

As they search for the missing Dean, Sam and his new band of Hunters--Mary, the Apocalypse World Bobby and Maggie, and Jack--take on a demon who wants to use a hostage Castiel as a bargaining chip to have Sam help him become King of Hell. Meanwhile, Michael travels the world looking for someone who he can work with



By Gadfly on Oct 12, 2018

Sam drives through the night in the Impala, continuing his search for the missing Dean. Jamil Hamed wakes up, puts down his prayer rug, and prays toward Mecca. Michael, in Dean's body, appears in front of him and says that Jamil has read all about him. He quotes the Koran, saying that those who are enemies of God and his angels are the enemies of Allah. Jamil realizes who Michael is, and wonders why Michael is there. Michael says that he knows why he's there, and asks Jamil a question: what d…

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Episode Discussion

Myshows posted a year ago

In a world where Dean Winchester isn't only Sherlock Holmes, but also Morden, an agent of Shadows.

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