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Stranger in a Strange Land Recap

Sam drives through the night in the Impala, continuing his search for the missing Dean.

Jamil Hamed wakes up, puts down his prayer rug, and prays toward Mecca. Michael, in Dean's body, appears in front of him and says that Jamil has read all about him. He quotes the Koran, saying that those who are enemies of God and his angels are the enemies of Allah. Jamil realizes who Michael is, and wonders why Michael is there. Michael says that he knows why he's there, and asks Jamil a question: what does Jamil want if he could have anything. Jamil says that he wants peace and love, and Michael tells him that if he wanted peace than he never would have abandoned his friends in Syria. If Jamil wanted love then he never would have gone into a closet with Darlene and Jamil's wife wouldn't have left. Michael magically slams Jamil into the ceiling, and says that he's lost and not worth saving. Jamil asks what he wants, and Michael tells him that he wants a better world.

At the bunker, the other Earth's survivors prepare supernatural ammunition. Mary checks in with them, Meanwhile, Maggie checks another man's injuries, and he says that a "raghead" attacked him. She pulls a fang out of the wound as Sam arrives and tells Mary that he had no luck finding Dean in Atlanta. Mary insists that they'll find Dean, but Sam isn't convinced. She realizes that he hasn't slept in days and tells him to get some rest. The refugees report that a vampire band is on the move, and Sam tells them to form up in teams of two and check it out, then report back to him. Maggie admits that she can't hack traffic cams, and Sam goes to work, telling Mary that he's good. He then remembers to ask how Jack is.

Bobby is teaching Jack how to box, since Jack lost his grace to Lucifer. The older man says that he learned to keep fighting and they go back to sparring.

A man, Kip, walks into a BBQ joint near Detroit and finds Castiel at a table. He greets Castiel by name, orders a drink for himself and water for Castiel. Kipling sits down with Castiel and admits that he's surprised that Castiel wanted to meet with a demon. Castiel admits that he needs information, and asks if any demon knows where Dean is. Kipling is interested in the fact that Castiel lost Dean, and wonders what's in it for him. Castiel offers him his life. Unimpressed, Kipling says that they can do better and gestures to the other customers in the room, who are all demons. They move in and Castiel attacks them, but they subdue him.

At a church, the parishioners thank Sister Jo for her help, unaware that she's the angel Anael. As Jo goes home, Michael confronts her and she can see him as Michael despite Dean's body. He says that they need to talk, and explains that Dean agree to let him possess him out of love. Michael asks her what she wants. Jo admits that she doesn't know why he asked, and Michael tells her that she lied. He says that Dean knows about her, and that she's pretends to are about human trinkets but they're not really she wants. Michael figures that she wants love: to have a home and a family. He says that he's disappointed and knows that there aren't many angels left. Michael thought that he could help, but if they're all sad and lost like Jo, he figures that they're not worth saving.

Sam visits Jack in his room and tells him that he knows things must be hard for Jack without his powers but he believes in him. Mary comes in and says that he's awake, and Sam excuses himself but says that they'll talk later. Once they're in the hallway, Mary says that he didn't talk to him and can barely look at him. Sam braces himself, goes into Nick's room, and Nick greets him. Nick remembers Lucifer coming to him and asking to use his body. He claims that his nightmares are getting better and Sam treats the wound on Nick's chest. Sam figures that the angel blade Michael used killed Lucifer but not his human host. He says that it's glad that Lucifer is dead and Nick agrees. Nick says that he remembers bits and pieces of what Lucifer did, but nothing about Dean or Michael. All he remembers is that Michael said that he wanted to do it right with his second chance.

As Sam leaves, Kipling calls using Castiel's phone and says that he has Castiel. If Sam wants to see him alive then they need to chat. Once he hangs up, Sam meets with the others, tells them what happened, and packs up his weapons. He says that they're going to get Castiel back and says that Jack, Mary, and Bobby will come with him. Jack insists on coming, saying that he has to help, and Sam immediately agrees. Once Jack leaves, Bobby objects and Sam says that they'll keep an eye on him because Jack needs to come with them.

Kipling offers to get Castiel some coffee, and Castiel asks why he's using him as bait. The demon says that's what Castiel is for, and he needs something from Sam. Kipling explains that someone asked him what he wanted, and he realized that after 600 years, he didn't know. He thought about it and realized exactly what he wanted: everything.

As the team drives to Detroit, Mary assures Sam that it's going to be fine. Sam asks her to stop saying it because she doesn't know it and they don't know if Dean is still alive. Mary insists that Dean might never come back, but she has to think about the good or she will drown in the bad. She tells Sam that neither of them can do that.

In the other car, Jack tells Bobby that whatever happens, they've got his back.

The next day, the team arrives in Detroit and Sam gives Mary the Demon Killing knife so the demons won't find it when they search him. Sam goes in alone and Kip's minions frisk him. Once they find nothing, Kip tells Sam that he's a legend. Sam ignores him and asks if Castiel is alive, and the angel says that he's more embarrassed than hurt. Kipling introduces himself and says that he knows the others are outside. The demons bring in Jack and Maggie, and one of them beats Jack. Kip tells Sam that he'll need more since Jack didn't follow his instructions, and says that it's time to make a deal. He explains that Hell is without a King since Crowley and Asmodeus are gone, and he's volunteering. Kip wants to work with Sam and have the Crowley deal: he helps Sam and gives him information, and Sam turns a blind eye to demon activities. Sam points out that they never had that deal, and Kip is excited that he'll break new ground.

Sam says that Kip is no Crowley, and the demons know it. Kip feigns hurt and explains that he rode with Genghis Khan when he was alive and doesn't like prancing around, and would eat Sam's heart if he had his way. However, he has an image to maintain and he's not afraid of Sam. Kip figures that the demons are afraid of Sam, and tells Sam to take the deal before he shows Sam who he really is. Sam looks around and then refuses. Kip tells him that he knows all kind of things, and Sam says that he does as well.

Mary and Bobby come in shooting, and Mary tosses Sam the knife. When he goes for Kip, Kip telekinetically shoves him back. Mary uses her knife and kills her demon opponent. Jack tells Maggie to stay down, and then comes over and tells the demon beating on Bobby to stop. The demon easily knocks Jack down.

Kip grabs Sam and as they fight, Mary gives Maggie her knife and tells her to use it. The bartender demon attacks Mary as she comes out.

As Kip and Sam fight, Kip grabs the knife and tries to stab Sam with it. Maggie kills Mary's opponent and two more demons attack them. Jack's opponent kicks him unconscious.

Kip punches Sam repeatedly, but Sam grabs his hand and drives the knife into his chest. He then yells to the remaining demons to stop. Sam says that there will be no new King of Hell and if anybody wants the job, they can come through him. He asks the demons what it's going to be, and they leave their host bodies and depart.

Later back at the bunker, Castiel comes in and finds Sam talking to Ketch on the phone. Ketch is in London looking for the device the Men of Letters used to drive Lucifer out of the President, but has had no success. Castiel apologies for going to the demons, and Sam says that he wishes that he had thought of it first. He admits that he'd do anything to find Sam.

In the kitchen, Mary and Bobby drink and congratulate each other on their fighting skills.

Castiel visits Jack in his room and says that he did well. Jack points out that all he did was get punched, and when he had his powers he could have done something. Castiel says that his grace should regenerate in time, but Jack figures that he's useless without his powers ad has nothing. The angel tells him that it's not true because Jack has all of them: his family. He says that they're going to find Dean and beat Michael, and they're going to do it together because that's what they do.

Sam goes to his room and gets a call from an unknown caller. He answers and Jo tells him that they have a problem.

Michael meets with a vampire and says that he knows exactly what he wants. The vampire doesn't pretend to help people or save the world, and that's why they are going to work well together. Michael says that the vampire just wants to eat, and the vampire smiles.

Written by Gadfly on Oct 12, 2018

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