Bozer + Booze + Back to School

While his teammates infiltrate a tech college to learn who is recruiting students to plant terrorist bombs, Jack works with Billy to track down a skip... and learn more about Riley's lover.



By Gadfly on Oct 13, 2018

At a frat house, Mac assures Wilt that he can do it. Wilt isn't sure if he can do it, but Mac tells him that he trained him and asks if he's ready. His friend finally says that he's ready, screams, rips off his shirt, and runs through the partying frat boys to a keg. Leanna and Riley join Mac, who says that they need to move while Wilt does a keg stand. 12 Hours Earlier Riley sits in a car with Billy on a stakeout, eating fast food. They kiss and he tells her to think of it as a taste of w…

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casper1701e posted 2 months ago

Generally, I like this show, but this was a pretty boring ep.

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