Parasite Lost

When Jensen--the new Parasite--attacks aliens, Supergirl is forced to take to the sidelines rather than give him further power. As a result, Kara writes an article on an alien healer who makes him a target. Meanwhile, Alex learns some surprising things about her new superior, and James comes to a realization about the Children of Liberty and their anti-alien agenda.


By Gadfly on Nov 12, 2018

Kara and the others go to a recycled rooftop for brunch, and Lena says that any press is good press. She points out that as Guardian, James has reached across the divide and people are reading CatCo that wouldn't have before. A drunken Brainiac-5 joins them and rambles on, and then passes out. Meanwhile, Kara and Alex talk about how Haley is there to curtail her authority. Nia joins them and Kara introduces her to the others. Alex goes to check on Brainiac-5 and James congratulates Kara on la…

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