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Parasite Lost Recap

Kara and the others go to a recycled rooftop for brunch, and Lena says that any press is good press. She points out that as Guardian, James has reached across the divide and people are reading CatCo that wouldn't have before. A drunken Brainiac-5 joins them and rambles on, and then passes out. Meanwhile, Kara and Alex talk about how Haley is there to curtail her authority. Nia joins them and Kara introduces her to the others.

Alex goes to check on Brainiac-5 and James congratulates Kara on landing an interview with the reclusive Amadei Derros. She says that Hank should get the credit, and Hank says that Amadei is an alien healer who helps other aliens spiritually and physically. Nia agrees to interview him. Brainiac-5 sobers up thanks to his alien physiology and comes over, and greets Nia by name. He recites all of her background and she asks why he didn't call, and Brainiac-5 says that she suggested that he find her, not call her. Kara offers a toast to friendship, health, and happiness.

Jensen lies on a cot and moans in pain, and Agent Liberty says that what he did was intended as a gift. Liberty takes Jenson to an Infernian and demonstrates how Jensen can drain the alien's power, leaving him a husk. Agent Liberty explains what Jensen does and says that he's the most valuable in the war to save humanity.

At the DEO, Haley talks to Alex privately and points out that she's rearranged the strike team command and control system. Alex points out that the system is outmoded and they've improved their reaction time, and Haley commends her on improving the DEO.

Kara and Nia go to Amadei's home and his assistant, Cassian, takes them to Amadei. Amadei heals a wheelchair-bound alien boy, restoring his legs using an amulet imbedded in his chest. The boy walks to his mother, and Kara and Nia talk to Amadei afterward. Amadei says that he's seen the divisiveness and discrimination and feels that he needs to lead as an example. He admits that it's not comfortable for him, and admits that his healing frequency doesn't yet work on humans but he wishes to heal the human heart.

James watches as Ben gives a statement about the alien attack on the fair and how the government protected the aliens. Lena comes in and tells James to stop listening to the dreck, and recognizes Ben. James says that the People's Veritas gave Ben a platform, and complains that the lunatic fringe has embraced him. Lena tells James that the mayor has invited James as the keynote speaker at the annual media summit.

Brainiac-5 picks up a report that Jensen is at the National City Promenade. Haley tells Alex to go get him, and Alex calls Kara.

At the promenade, a shapeshifting alien is performing, assuming the form of various audience members. Jensen steps out and approaches the shapeshifter, and Supergirl flies down and throws a punch. Jensen drains her powers and then uses heat vision on her, and Supergirl manages to shield herself as she tells Alex over the radio that Jensen has been infected by Parasite. Supergirl staggers away, grabs a post, and hits Jensen but he shrugs off the blows. As he moves in on Supergirl, Alex arrives and shoots Jensen with taser dart. He drains the shapeshifters power, assumes the form of a young girl, and runs into the crowd.

Later at the DEO, Alex tells Haley about Parasite and how the Graves stole the creature. She says that the host can't retain the powers that he absorbs, and Haley goes to get plutonium to overload Jensen's system. Alex says that Supergirl can't fight Jensen, and Haley agrees. Supergirl gets up, recharged from sunlamps, and Alex tells her that she can't fight Jensen. Her foster sister understands and says that she can fight for justice via her articles.

Jensen arrives at Liberty's base and Liberty tells him to keep fighting despite the fact that he can't charge himself as fast as he loses his powers. Liberty promises that the Chidren of Liberty will find a solution.

At CatCo, Nia compliments Kara on her article as they review the comments about Amadei. There are also comments about killing Amadei, and Nia assures Kara that most of them are kind. Kara is disappointed that she didn't bring people together with her article.

Hank holds an alien support meeting and one member, Miles, talks about how he stopped using an image inducer and convinced another alien not to. Once the meeting is over, Cassian arrives and takes Hank to Amadei. Amadei is unconscious and Cassian explains that his amulet is gone. Kara arrives and Hank tells her that Amadei is dying because he can't survive without the amulet. The alien community doesn't trust the police, and Cassian asks Hank to help. Hank reads Amadei's mind and picks up an image of a woman, and figures that she cut out the amulet.

At the DEO, Hank asks Brainiac-5 to run a facial recognition search based on his image, and then takes on the form of the woman he saw. Brainiac-5 identifies her as Elizabeth Hawkins and gets an address. Hank and Kara go there and Kara goes the door while Hank breaks in. While Kara distracts Elizabeth, Hank searches the place but Elizabeth's mother Natalie finds him. Elizabeth and Kara come in, and Hank tells Elizabeth that they have reason to believe that she took Amadei's amulet. Elizabeth says that Amadei would never have thought of him because he's her estranged father. Natalie explains that she and Natalie had a one-night stand, and he abandoned her when she told him that she was pregnant. Elizabeth confirms that Amadei has ignored her for years and she's no one to him. Natalie orders them out, and Hank apologizes but tells Elizabeth that Amadei was thinking of her and she's somehow connected to him.

Jensen continues to weaken, and Agent Liberty says that a Child of Liberty has come up with a solution that will make Jensen invincible and the planet's hero.

Haley tells Alex that she's found a supply of uranium but it's more unstable. Alex suggests that they use an electrical force field on the fly to contain a potential explosion, and Brainiac-5 says that he can create a suitable power pack and create a gun to generate a force field. Haley tells Alex that they make a good team and leaves.

James and Lena arrive at the summit meeting and Ben greets them. He apologizes for the last time they talked when he snapped at them. Lena quickly excuses herself, and James tells Ben that they don't represent the same thing. He says that Ben's show is filled with discrimination and hate, and Ben says that people are concerned about how the last three disasters are of alien origin. Ben figures that Guardian is a symbol of human hope and says that people that think that way are scared and if they're shut down, it drives them deeper into darkness. James tells him that Ben won't lay the situation at his feet.

At the apartment, Hank tells Kara that a vigil has formed for Amadei outside his home. Alex arrives with pizza and Kara says that she made a mistake making Amadei out to be a saint. She worries that making him immaculate may have put a target on his back, and Alex says that she thought Haley was going to be a monster, but she's been supportive. They check Amadei's last statements over 20 years ago, and Natalie was next to him in all of the photos.

Hank and Kara go back to the Hawkins home, and Natalie confronts them. She says that Elizabeth read Kara's article, and Hank figures that Natalie took out her heartbreak on Elizabeth. Natalie insists that she never wanted Elizabeth to know about Amadei but her daughter found out about her father from her sister. Hank realizes that Amadei wrote back and Elizabeth found the letters Natalie hid them, and blamed Natalie. Natalie insists that the Children of Liberty are right, and says that they're a group of people who know that the country is overrun with aliens. Kara says that she gave the amulet to the Children of Liberty to give to Jensen. Kara calls Alex and tells her what they discovered, and Brainiac-5 figures that Jensen will go to the vigil.

At the vigil, Elizabeth goes up and sees all the people carrying photos of Amadei. Nearby, an alien finds an alien husk lying in an alley. As he cries a warning, Jensen drains the alien and kills him.

Hank and Kara arrive at the vigil and see the disturbance, and Alex and her agents patrol the area. Haley and Brainiac-5 monitor them from a surveillance, and Brainiac-5 activates the force field over the area.

At the meeting, James and Lena talk to a commentator mayor. He says that they need to reassess aliens' value to society, and that Ben might be more of a centrist than Lena and James want to admit.

Jensen continues draining aliens and tries to fly out, but hits the force field. He then starts blasting the crowd below.

At the summit meeting, the mayor announces that there's been a mass attack in midtown. Ben suggests that Guardian help and everyone looks to James.

Jensen blasts the DEO agents, and Alex blasts him into a dome with the overload cannon. He falls to Earth but then speeds off, and Brainiac-5 warns that the amulet means more power is needed to overload him. Haley tells Alex to increase power, even though the resulting explosion will kill all of unshielded civilians inside of the dome. Jensen blasts Alex and she barely twists out of the way, and Guardian arrives and attacks Jensen.

After blasting the dome, Brainiac-5 reports that he's overloaded it and it will collapse in just under three minutes.

Hank goes to protect Amadei, and Kara reports over the radio that people are on the verge of stampeding. Haley hears her and Kara asks Brainiac-5 to open a gap in the dome away from Jensen so she can evacuate the civilians. Alex tells Haley that she'll focus on Jensen while Supergirl gets the civilians out. Brainiac-5 opens the dome but warns that it's only big enough for one person at a time. Supergirl starts speeding people out, and finds Elizabeth. Jensen attacks Supergirl, who stops his heat blast with her cold breath.

Alex arrives and tells Jensen to surrender. He invites her to shoot him, and Alex warns that it will kill everyone in the dome. Jensen says that he wants to make the country safe, and Alex points out how scared everyone--human and alien--is. Haley tells Alex to fire, but Alex tries to talk Jensen down, saying that she sees the good man that she trained. She asks him to be the hero that she knows he is, and Jensen says that even if he gives up "he" is still out there. Jensen removes the amulet and collapses.

Later, Hank, Kara, and Elizabeth go to Amadei and return the amulet. Elizabeth apologizes for Natalie hurting him, and Amadei says that he never wanted to hurt Elizabeth. His daughter says that she's okay, and Amadei tells her that Elizabeth and Hank helped heal his heart.

At the DEO, Haley congratulates Alex and says that she sent Jensen to the desert facility. The withdrawal of alien powers flatlined his brain. Haley says that she expect Alex to follow her orders in future, and says that it's better to have Alex in charge than Hank. The colonel recommended Hank's removal because he was undermining the DEO's mission, and is glad that order has been restored. Alex says that Hank is the one who recruited and promoted her, and he's her family. She tells Haley that Hank is the best director the DEO has ever had, and Haley says that they'll act strictly by the book. Haley reminds Alex that she's her superior officer, and tells Alex to salute her when she leaves. Alex does so and Haley says that there's still hope for Alex.

James goes to Al's, and the owner congratulates him on solving the case. Al says that an alien woman came in asking for Hank's help and left her number, and Hank takes it.

Lena approaches James on the balcony and they discuss how great the alien hate has gone. She admits that James was right to disavow it, but James figures that Ben was right and he has to get to the bottom of the story and find the Children's leader by talking with them. Lena warns that it sounds dangerous, but James figures that with her help he'll be fine.

Kara tells Nia that her article moved Elizabeth, and she plans to do more profiles on aliens in National City. She asks Nia what she thinks, and Nia says that it's great.

Ben is furious that his plan has been foiled. James calls him and asks if he has time to talk. Ben assures him that he has all the time in the world for him.

Written by Gadfly on Nov 12, 2018

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