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After Cliff Steele's body is destroyed in a car crash, Dr. Niles Caulder takes him in, builds him a new body, and introduces Cliff to three other "patients" whose ailments give them superpowers. When Niles goes on an expedition, the group decides to take a day trip into the nearby town but things don't go as planned.

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By Gadfly on Feb 16, 2019

Paraguay, 1948 Eric Morden, a nameless henchman, is taken to a Nazi, Von Fuchs. Von Fuchs is posing as the villager cobbler, and takes Morden to an underground chamber to "enhance" him. Once Morden pays Von Fuchs, Von Fuchs places Morden in a chamber and has him recite that "The mind is the limit". White lights flash in the chamber and Morden's existence fractures. Florida, 1988 At a manor, Kate Steele's daughter Clara cries and Kate calls to the maid, Giselle. In a cabana, Kate's husba…

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Episode Discussion

RobertQuilter posted 3 years ago


Not often farting donkeys are central to the plot.

GSwarthout posted 3 years ago

Wonderful show!

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