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Silence Lay Steadily

The Red Room's contents are finally revealed as the Crains return to the house to confront old ghosts, unspeakable secrets and an insatiable evil.

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Episode Discussion

JoEmme posted 3 years ago

I started to binge-watch this show last night (and I never, never, do horror movies at night), and couldn't stop watching. 10+ hours of pure delight...and more especially that Netflix announces that Season 2 will be coming in 2020! I wonder if the storyline will be about the Hill family and what happened in the early 20th century...

ForsytheJones posted 3 years ago

The finale had some ups and downs. I feel as if they focused too hard on what the Red Room could be when, honestly, it didn't really matter. This show (although it has had some great horror moments) is first and foremost about the characters themselves and some of the focus drifted away from that and the finale suffered a bit because of it.

JCuervo_a posted 3 years ago

Well, just finished watching and I must say that I loved it from beginning to end. It's mainly a family drama structured in a series of terror. The plot advances because of emotional conflicts and not because of situations of terror, and don't get me wrong, It is quite scary, but it's not the main thing it's trying to convey, let's say that terror is just a condiment.

It creates suspense, generates psychological terror and rounds off a profoundly human work, where ghosts are an excuse to talk about inner monsters and the anguishing existence.

The narration, the story, the flashbacks, the script, the performances, the characters, the shots, everything was incredible. And regarding the end, I loved it and was very satisfied with it. Maybe it's because I didn't read the book. Everything was perfectly explained without leaving any loose ends.

JuanArango posted 3 years ago

Directing, atmosphere, complexity and acting were all top notch, the only flaw for me is the ending, I would have done this different and stick to the book.

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