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Experiment 1205: Killer Fish

It's the 70s, which means that it's time for a heist movie with Lee Majors, fresh off his triumph on The Six Million Dollar Man, as a jewel thief trying to recover a stolen fortune from a lake filled with piranhas with a taste for ham.

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By Gadfly on Nov 26, 2018

Kinga has Max call up Sythia's video diary to learn if she found the song from Pod People that Forrester and TV's Frank wanted their ashes scattered to. She's looking with Ardy and Bonesy, and Ardy reports that half of the canister has cracked and they've lost the liquid storage of the movie. Kinga and Max riff on the video, and Ardy finally finds it. Kinga wonders how they'll get it to Erhardt, and has Max start the show because they're on a time crunch. Jonah and the bots are struggling to…

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