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Experiment 1205: Killer Fish Recap

Kinga has Max call up Sythia's video diary to learn if she found the song from Pod People that Forrester and TV's Frank wanted their ashes scattered to. She's looking with Ardy and Bonesy, and Ardy reports that half of the canister has cracked and they've lost the liquid storage of the movie. Kinga and Max riff on the video, and Ardy finally finds it. Kinga wonders how they'll get it to Erhardt, and has Max start the show because they're on a time crunch.

Jonah and the bots are struggling to get through the Gauntlet. When Crow brings up their secret plan, Jonah quickly shushes him. Kinga and Max call to have them do the invention exchange, and Jonah and Servo present Alchemy Glue. It's Philosopher's Paste, created from ingredients around the house. To get it to stop working, all someone has to do is stop believing. When Servo remembers that he used it to repair himself, Crow disbelieves it and Servo falls apart. Kinga and Max present the Moon 13 Time Travel Oven, that sends food forward and backward in time. Max sends the sample turkey too far forward and ruins it, and then sends it back in time but goes too far back and ends up with a live turkey. Kinga sends them their new movie, Killer Fish.


At the first break, Jonah and the bots wonder what is killer-fishing the group. Jonah figures that it's killer snorts, and Gypsy figures that it's the Loch Ness Monster, or maybe the Creature From the Black Lagoon. M Waverly suggests that it's starlings, and Growler thinks that it's Poseidon. Servo comes back dressed as an octopus and figures that it's an octopus holding razors and doing cartwheels.


At the second break, Jonah and the bots pretend to be the techs from Apollo 13 to work out how to get the characters off the boat in the movie.


Servo and Crow try to work out the plot of the movie, and Jonah explains that double-crossing people is a way of displaying affectionate. Kinga calls to say that there's only one final step of the Gauntlet and it will destroy them. Synthia brings in the liquid form of the song, drinks it, and demonstrates that she's the player. Max does the same to confirm that it works. Kinga takes credit for developing soda with built-in record promotion, meaning her final victory is at hand.

Written by Gadfly on Nov 26, 2018