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Chapter Seven: The Bite

El and the others defend themselves as the Flayer tracks them down. The Scoop Group escape the Russian base and hide in a movie theater, but the Russians close in on them.

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By Gadfly on Jul 28, 2019

At the festival, Kline greets the crowd. Ted, Karen, and Holly get on the Ferris wheel and go up. Kline asks who wants to see fireworks, and the crowd cheers. The Ferris wheel stops and the Wheelers watch the fireworks along with everyone else. Holly sees something moving through the forest, knocking aside trees as it approaches the festival. She points it out to Karen, who tells her to watch the fireworks. The girl does so while the creature keeps coming. At the Hopper cabin, El tells…

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Episode Discussion

Zlogorek posted a year ago

Murray (to Alexei):
⠀ — It doesn't get more American than this, my friend. Fatty foods, ugly decadence, rigged games...

Zlogorek posted a year ago

⠀ We all die, my strange little child friend.

⠀ It's just a matter of how... and when.

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