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Chapter Eight: The Battle of Starcourt

The Flayer comes to the mall to get El, and Dustin contacts Suzie to provide Jim and Joyce with needed information. El reminds Billy of his past, and Jim and Joyce have an argument about not arguing.


By Gadfly on Jul 29, 2019

Jim, Joyce, and Murray drive to the food court at the mall, based on what they heard over the Russian walkie-talkie. Joyce figures that their kids are involved. El screams in pain as the others realize there's something inside of her leg wound. Jonathan improvises surgical tools from a nearby food stand and sterilizes a knife on the burner. He comes back, gives El a spatula to bite down on, cuts open the wound, and tries to pull out the Flayer flesh. El tells him to stop, saying that she can…

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Episode Discussion

JCuervo_a posted a year ago

It was a good season in general, but in my opinion it was not at the level of the first two.

SilverSurfer posted a year ago

Great season. Glad I didn't wait another year to binge. Winona's character has continued to evolve and grow way past her annoying season one to the point she is now, for me, one of the highlights of the show.

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