CDC doctor Abby Arcane is called in to investigate an outbreak in her Louisiana home town, and meets researcher Alec Holland.



By Gadfly on Jun 1, 2019

Night on the swamp outside of Marais, and Jones, Eddie Coyle, and Blaine are out. They stop and toss three boxes of that a man hired them to drop in the water. Something brushes the bottom of the boat and the engine won't start. The boat shakes and something grabs it, spinning it on the water. After a moment the spinning stops, and vines latch onto the boat, spinning it around again and knocking Blaine into the water. The movement stops and Blaine , a half-dozen yards away, rises to the surface…

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Episode Discussion

Dr.Acula posted 12 days ago

Canceled: "Swamp Thing"

Announced: June 6, 2019

DC Universe pulled the plug on "Swamp Thing" after airing just one episode. Reportedly, the production — which already saw its episode count reduced by three — encountered a smaller-than-expected tax credit from the state of North Carolina, impacting its budget.

Dr.Acula posted 17 days ago

Canceled already. Damn

Gadfly posted 24 days ago

Working on it. Since Swamp Thing is online rather than network, I had to wait until my neighbor has his Internet get over its weather-related issues, since he "pays" it to me in return for yard work. Should be up Friday night/Saturday morning. You realize that recaps aren't guaranteed, right? Like almost everything else at TVMaze, they're user-contributed. And there are thousands of shows nobody writes recaps for. Plus there's also all the cast adding, guest stars, screencapping, character capping, figuring out which actors play which characters, and so on. Especially for a first episode.

Your enthusiasm is noted and appreciated, though. Just keep in mind that I'm the primary recap writer, and there are only so many shows I can recap. Life, as they say, sometimes gets in the way. Thanks!

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