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Puppet Patrol

The group heads for Paraguay by bus to follow up a lead on the donkey. Flit teleports Larry and Cliff there and they meet the man responsible for Morden's transformation into Mr. Nobody.

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By Gadfly on Mar 2, 2019

Jane walks down the streets of Cloverton, putting up poster asking if people have seen the lost Niles. A group of townspeople follow her, yelling at her to go away and yanking down her posters. Hammerhead takes over and staples a poster to one of their foreheads. At Doom Manor, Vic sits in his new room and remembers the past. Vic's mother says that Vic will be sitting out of football for three weeks. He snaps at her and knocks over a beaker, which explodes. Vic reviews the security foot…

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Episode Discussion

RobertQuilter posted a year ago

Im glad the narration disappeared this was a bit overbearing.

For the love of God..i pray we see Steve again!

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