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The House of L

Lex spends three years plotting his next scheme, working with the Kaznian government to train the Supergirl clone to further their ambitions against America so that he can step in and stop them, becoming a hero to the world and its savior.



By Gadfly on Mar 25, 2019

Lex jumps out of the helicopter and uses his battle suit to fly away. Supergirl pursues him and knocks him to the roof of the Daily Planet. Lex catches her next punch, tosses her back, and hits her with the planet statue. Three Years Ago The court swears Lena in during Lex's trial, and she and James testify against Lena's brother. Lex is busy writing, and when the judge asks if he has a final statement, Lex stands up and says that Superman made him do it. He tells the court that he's prote…

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Episode Discussion

kyrat posted 2 years ago

The Cyrillic text in the title at the beginning (before changing to "Supergirl") reads Krasnaya Doch, which means Red Daughter.

wildandwild posted 2 years ago

Honestly, who could've predicted such a left field casting as Jon Cryer as Lex would turn out so masterful.

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