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The House of L Recap

Lex jumps out of the helicopter and uses his battle suit to fly away. Supergirl pursues him and knocks him to the roof of the Daily Planet. Lex catches her next punch, tosses her back, and hits her with the planet statue.

Three Years Ago

The court swears Lena in during Lex's trial, and she and James testify against Lena's brother. Lex is busy writing, and when the judge asks if he has a final statement, Lex stands up and says that Superman made him do it. He tells the court that he's protecting humanity from an extinction event, and says that he will always have his thumb on the scales. The judge pronounces his sentence of lifetime imprisonment and chokes, and she, the prosecutor, and the jury die from the poison he slipped them. The agents take them out and Eve is among the crowd calling to Lex. Otis is there and Lex exchanges glances with him. Otis then goes over and leads Eve away.

In prison, Eve visits Lex in his conjugal cell. She praises his mind and says that he's the only one standing between mankind and extinction. Eve boasts of her own credentials and Lex asks her to get close to Cat and infiltrate CatCo. He promises that he knows what Eve will do and will make her undeniable as an employee

Later, Lex removes a shank from his mattress and scratches a drawing on his cell wall.

Six Months Ago

The warden visits Lex and says that he and the inmates like all the favors Lex has bestowed on them. He then takes Lex to receive a call from the Kaznian Embassy. The general says that they have a duplicate Supergirl with powers but no memory, and after he hangs up, Lex tells the warden that he has to leave for 72 hours. When the warden refuses, Lex makes it clear he knows where the warden's mother lives. The warden gives in and Lex demands his jet and his tailor. As he leaves, he checkmates all of the prisoners that he's been tutoring in chess and leaves a hologram of himself in his cell.

In Kaznia, Lex greets Red Supergirl--Snowbird--in a cabin.

None Months Ago

The Kaznian soldiers at the military base make Snowbird comfortable. One soldier dismisses her as a stray dog, and Snowbird crushes his hand. The general comes in and asks who she is, and notes that she looks just like Supergirl. They've confirmed that Supergirl is in America, and Snowbird mutters the name "Alex". The general says that she will make a good weapon.

The soldiers begin teaching Snowbird basic language and geography. When she's ready, they take her out and show her the nearby forest, and tutor her in her abilities. Snowbird goes berserk from the sensory overload and the soldiers subdue her, and the general calls Lex and tells him that Snowbird has powers and he should come right away.

In her cell, Snowbird hears a boy yelling for help. She breaks out and flies to the source of the screams, saving the boy. She flies into the cabin, and Lex arrives a few minutes later with Otis, Eve, and the Kaznian soldiers. He tells her that the boy and Snowbird has nothing to fear. Snowbird says the name "Alex" and Lex agrees that it's his name.

Later, Lex tells the Kaznian minister of defense that he can show him how to contain Snowbird, and assures him that she'll hate whoever the Kaznians want. He tells the minister to get rid of Pyotr, the soldier who touched Snowbird earlier, and the minister shoots him dead.

Lex visits Snowbird in a cell and confirms that she speaks a little English. He assures her that he's not angry with her for saving a child, and puts her to work testing her strength. Lex plays along, saying that they were friends, and Snowbird asks where she came from. His watch alarm goes off and he says that he'll be back soon and gives her a candy bar to eat so she can understand humanity. Outside, Eve says that Snowbird was created by the Harun-El and Lena is working on it. Lex tells her to make sure that Lena has a breakthrough, and explains to Eve and Otis that if Kaznia attacks America and he foils the attack, America will hail him as a hero. He instructs Otis to find him a radical American to use as a patsy, while Lex goes back to prison to establish an alibi.

Conflict between Kaznia and America grow, and Lex sends books to Snowbird to read. He visits her and they play chess, and Lex tests her on what she's learned. Snowbird knows of Lena and Lex says that he used to think that he and his half-sister were inseparable but she disappointed him. He checkmates her and notes that she reads The Great Gatsby more than any other book. Lex says that it's a book about vapid fools and he has money because he uses it against his enemies.

Snowbird and Lex visit the boy, Mikhail, who lives with his mother. He explains that thieves attacked him the night Snowbird saved him and his father left him. Lex says that he had a bad father as well. Lex's wristwatch goes off, and as they return to the base the Green Kryptonite dust fills the sky. Lex has the soldiers take her to a shielded container, assures her that he'll never let her be hurt again, and gives her a transmitter earring. He then uses it to tell her that she's one of the last daughters of Krypton, and will usher in an era of peace and equality. Lex warns that Supergirl will stand between Snowbird and her work.

Once the Kryptonite dust is destroyed, the Kaznians release Snowbird. Lex says that she will go to America someday but she's not ready, and Supergirl is her sister. He claims that Supergirl has usurped his position in the world and taken Snowbird from him.

Four Months Ago

A disguised Lex takes a disguised Snowbird to a hotel in National City. She works as a waitress and one businessman with an arms company, Amertek, tells her to get him more alcohol. Later, Snowbird tells Lex what she saw, and Lex explains that Supergirl defends businessmen like the one in the bar because she's soft. Lex takes Snowbird to Kara's apartment and tells Snowbird that one day he will have to be like Kara and asks what Snowbird sees. Snowbird examines the apartment and figures that Kara is undisciplined and likes comfort. There is a scorecard with Alex's name on it, and Snowbird sees it. Snowbird says that Kara is like a princess in a tower.

Alex comes in and Lex hides. Snowbird poses as Kara, who is in Smallville on vacation, and Snowbird says that she forgot her journal. Once Alex leaves, Lex comes out and Snowbird says that she's surprised to learn that Kara also has an Alex. Lex tells her that she has to go back to Kaznia and leaves. Snowbird reads through Kara's journal and her entries about Alex and Lena. She goes to L-Corp and talks to Lena in the elevator. Eve gets in with them and says that Lena is needed, and Lena quickly excuses herself. Once she leaves, Eve tells Snowbird to go back to Kaznia. Snowbird says that Kara wants to do good and has friends, and wonders why Lena is one of Kara's friend.

Eve calls Lex, who tells her and Otis to go to Kaznia to take away the one thing that Snowbird loves.

Otis abducts Mikhail.

Eve sneaks onto an American destroyer and opens fire on Mikhail's cabin.

In her room in Kaznia, Snowbird hears a missile landing. She flies to the cabin and finds it destroyed and Mikhail dead. Sobbing, Snowbird falls to her knees and wails in grief. Lex arrives and tells Snowbird that she knows the Americans did it. She confirms that Amertek manufactured the missile and flies out to sink the destroyer. Lex flies there in his battlesuit and stops her, and says that he'll make the destruction look like an accident. Snowbird demands to know what's going on, figuring that it's about Lena, and Lex says that she's disappointed him and he's done there.

Otis drives off with Mikhail and talks about how he has a second chance.

Three Months Ago

Snowbird returns after a training mission and collapses of illness. The Kaznians call Lex, who complains to Eve and figures the Harun-El can stabilize Snowbird. Eve warns that Lena hasn't perfected the Harun-El yet, and Lex refuses to lose Snowbird. He figures that he'll give himself cancer to trick Lena into developing the Harun-El to save him. He goes into a radiation chamber and irradiates himself, screaming in pain.

Five Weeks Ago

Lena returns to her office and finds Lex's hologram there to greet her. Lex says that he needs the Harun-El to cure himself, and assures her that he's always been interested in her. He tells Lena that he respects her, and points out that she's creating super-soldiers and it helps no one. Lex says that Lena should heal, not hurt, and he's dying.

Two Days Ago

Lex continues his ruse with Lena, gets the cure, gains superpowers, and captures Supergirl. He then takes her to Kaznia and gives a blood transfusion to Snowbird to cure her illness. Later, she wakes up and sees Lex, and Lex says that he promised not to let her get sick again. He tells Snowbird that it's about the two of them, not him and Lena. Snowbird says that Supergirl acts on her emotions and it's angry, and promises that she will be disciplined, follow Lex, and destroy Supergirl. Lex says that he only gets one lifetime but Snowbird is forever and is his gift to the world. He then gives her a costume with a Soviet insignia.

Supergirl flies to the hospital and tells Alex and James that Lex is free and escaped her.

Eve ties the unconscious Lena to her desk and leaves a note.

Snowbird hovers over National City wearing her new costume.

Written by Gadfly on Mar 25, 2019

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