To learn why Nora joined forces with Eobard, Team Flash reads her journal. They discover that in 2049, Eobard was the only person who was honest with Nora, and taught her how to use her powers.



By Gadfly on Apr 17, 2019

Nora sits in her pipeline cell and wishes that she hadn't lied to Barry and the others. In the cortex, the team looks on as Barry and Iris talk about imprisoning Nora. Barry points out that Nora lied to them since the day she got with them, and Sherloque suggests that he talk to Nora and find out why she is working with Eobard. Iris snaps at him, and Sherloque says that he has been following the trail since Nora arrived. Ralph suggests that he step out, and Sherloque tells them that their ang…

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LeonKennedy posted 3 months ago

I really missed watching The Flash :D

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