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Godspeed Recap

Nora sits in her pipeline cell and wishes that she hadn't lied to Barry and the others.

In the cortex, the team looks on as Barry and Iris talk about imprisoning Nora. Barry points out that Nora lied to them since the day she got with them, and Sherloque suggests that he talk to Nora and find out why she is working with Eobard. Iris snaps at him, and Sherloque says that he has been following the trail since Nora arrived. Ralph suggests that he step out, and Sherloque tells them that their anger is misplaced.

Once Sherloque leaves, Cecile suggests that Nora didn't hide her secret maliciously and she can sense how upset she is. She tells them that she never sensed Nora lying, and Cisco points out that Eobard is a master liar and taught her. Ralph suggests that they go through Nora's journal and find out the whole story. Barry tells him to read it from the beginning.


Nora arrives at a case late and apologizes to Detective Frankie Curtis, who wants to find the meta responsible. A chemical transport truck was attacked, making the fourth robbery that week. Nora scans the area and discovers that they stole benzene methanol and halothane. She finds a security camera and explains to Curtis that when the camera is tampered with, it releases halothane. No one saw the thief, and Nora gets an idea.

When Nora arrives at the station, she tells her friend Lia that the only explanation is that the thief is a speedster. Lia doesn't believe it, noting that there hasn't been a speedster in Central City for decades. Nora disagrees and Lia suggests that she's obsessive and keeps investigating the case about who Cicada is. When Nora doesn't believe it, Lia doesn't believe her and reviews the camera data. There's a shot of white lightning and Lia admits that Nora is right but wonders why a speedster is stealing chemicals.

That night at the Flash Museum, Nora reviews the exhibit about Eobard. Iris calls Nora, who ignores it and determines there was never a speedster with white lightning. Dexter says over the loudspeaker for Nora to call Iris. Nora calls and Iris says that Iris didn't return her call. When Nora refuses to talk about her case, pointing out that it's against departmental policy, Iris says that she's almost finished her story in Coast City and will be done in a few days. Nora gets a call from Lia and hangs up on Iris, and Lia says that she sent the list of stolen chemicals to Dr. Bruce Bonwitt, her old teacher.

Nora meets Lia and Bonwitt, and Bonwitt says that the chemicals work on an extracellular matrix. They have to know all the chemicals to determine the end result. The two women leave and a speedster runs in past them. The women go in and find Bonwitt unconscious on the floor. A white-clad speedster stops and says that he's the god of speed. He blasts Nora with lightning and races off, and Lia runs to the unconscious Nora and finds her crackling with energy.

Nora wakes up in a hospital and Lia explains that Bonwitt is in ICU but will pull through. The speedster escaped with carbon disulfide, and Nora confirms that she feels fine. Lia admits that she called Iris, who freaked out, and explains that Iris is on her way from Coast City. She shows Nia a metal scrap that the paramedics removed from Nora's shoulders. The paramedics thought that it happened when Nora was blocked past. Lia drops the chip and Nora picks it up at superspeed and then speeds out of the hospital. She realizes that her hand is moving at superspeed.

Later at the station, Lia and Nora test Nora's superspeed. Nora wonders what she's going to do about Iris, who freaks out when she hears about metas, and tells Lia that they can't tell anyone. Lia dubs the speedster "Godspeed", and notes that Flash got his powers when he was hit by lightning. They get a report about a bank heist and Nora decides to go after them.

Nora speeds to the bank as the guard confronts the two robbers. She knocks the guard down and then apologizes, and the robbers Bug and Byte run off only to find more police there. Nora speeds over and fries out the three police cruisers, and the robbers escape.

Later back at the station, Nora tells Lia what happened and blames herself for the robbers escaping. Lia notes that the police caught the robbers ten minutes later and says that it was her big debut. Nora figures that CCPD isn't equipped to stop Godspeed, and she has start thinking like a villainous speedster by consulting with one.

At Iron Heights, warden Trevor Shinick says that she's the second visitor that Eobard has had. He gives her five minutes, and Nora approaches Eobard in his cell. She introduces herself and he assures her that the dampening capabilities of the cell are backed up with an electrical discharge system. Nora explains that all of the files pertaining to him have been cyber locked and there's nothing about him in the Flash Museum. She asks how he was defeated, claiming that it will help with an investigation. Eobard doesn't believe her and deduces that she's a speedster.

Shinick and the guards come in and he has his men lead Nora out. The warden tells Eobard that it's time to repent, and electrifies the cell as Nora watches from the door.

The next day, Nora returns to the lab and tells Lia what happened. Lia says that the metal fragment is a chip made by STAR Labs 25 years ago to dampen Nora's speed. She confirms that Nora always had her powers and the chip negated them, and Nora realizes who did it.

At Jitters, Nora asks Lia how Iris could have kept her speed from her. She realizes that the chemicals Godspeed stole are unstable, and the only way to combine the chemicals is to add dioxygen disulfide. The only place that stores it is Stagg Industries. The women break in and find the chemical in the warehouse, and Godspeed arrives. Nora confronts him while Lia tries to open the canister and let it evaporate. The two speedsters race through the warehouse and Godspeed knocks Nora down, and then grabs Lia and kills her with a hand phased into her chest. He runs off and Nora runs to her friend's corpse.


The team reads the journal and realizes that Nora's friend died in her arms. Iris figures that they should give Nora a second chance just like Nora gave her one. She goes to Nora's cell and tells her daughter not to make her regret it, and then opens the door. Nora and Iris return to the cortex and Iris says that she's giving Nora the chance to explain for herself.


Nora is sitting at home when Iris comes in. Iris has heard about Lia's death and asks to make sure that Nora is okay. Nora tells her that she knows about the chip, and Iris admits that she lied to Nora her entire life. She says that everyone knows about Nora's speed, and they kept it a secret because she asked them to. Iris explains that she was trying to protect Nora from villains and herself, and that she couldn't risk losing Nora. Nora tells her that she did and speeds off.

Running to the lab, Nora cries and Clarke comes in and says that she'll miss Lia as well. Nora refuses to take time off, and Clarke says that they used the ID on Lia's wound to identify Godspeed as August Heart, a biohacker. Nora remembers seeing him at the Flash Museum, and Clarke says that he was testing tachyon particles on comatose patient.

At the Flash Museum, Nora watches a video of Reverse Flash and realizes that Godspeed's lightning turned blue just like Reverse Flash's. She brings up a video of Trajectory and Velocity-9, and realizes that the chemicals are the base for Velocity-9.

Once Shinick leaves, and Nora arrives and asks Eobard how she stops Godspeed. He says that she can't, and Nora explains that Godspeed is creating Felocity-9. Once Godspeed gets the stabilizing agent then he'll be unstoppable. Eobard tells her to get out, and Nora tells him that Godspeed killed her best friend and Eobard is the only one who can help her stop him by using his few remaining calls over her comm. Shinick comes back and tells Nora to leave, and she walks out with him. As she goes, Eobard agrees to help her.

Nora goes to the innovation labs at CCU, in contact with Eobard. He instructs her in how to generate an electric shock to knock out the security system, and directs her to the brightest room since the converted needs constant light. Nora finds the converter and removes the stabilizing agent, just as Godspeed arrives. He runs over to grab it, and Nora slaps a wrist band around his, neutralizing the V-9 in his system. He injects himself with more, and Nora runs out with Godspeed in pursuit. She can't lose him, and Eobard tells her to run through a concrete wall by vibrating at the proper frequency. Nora insists that she can't do it, and Eobard tells her to breathe and focus. H says that she's part of the Speed Force and she ducks into an alley. Godspeed runs past her, and Nora insists that she can't phase.

Eobard has Nora describe what's around her, and she sees a media building. He figures that they can use the satellite electro-magnetic energy to negate the V-9 in Godspeed's body, and they need Nora to lead Godspeed to the top of the building. Eobard tells her to run up the wall as fast as she can. Godspeed comes back, and Nora runs up the building with the villain in pursuit. The electromagnetic bursts fire and Nora leads Godspeed directly in front of one emission. Godspeed slams into the wall opposite and he falls to the street below.

Later back at Iron Heights, Nora tells Eobard that August is in CCPD custody. She suggests that Eobard train her, and he says that he can't because there isn't enough time. He explains that he will be executed soon, and says that there is so much that Nora doesn't know. Nora asks him for the truth, and Eobard asks how much she knows about Flash.

Nora runs to the Flash Museum and removes a ring from the Reverse Flash mannequin. She then goes to the time vault and uses the ring to open the concealed door. She finds old costumes and Flash rings, and activates Gideon. Gideon knows who Nora is and reveals that Barry was Flash. The AI plays a video from Barry to Nora, and Barry says that he doesn't have much time and figures that she's like him. He figures that he wasn't there to teach her how to use them, and tells her to remember that he loves her and always will.


Nora tells the team that she just wanted to see Barry and Eobard showed her. It was her idea to come to 2019 and stop Cicada. Barry asks for a moment alone with Nora and the others leave. Nora says that she visited Eobard after the night of the Enlightenment, even knowing that he killed Barry's mother. Barry wonders why she kept going back after she knew what he did, and points out that she lied to them every time. He says that he doesn't trust her and that it's time for Nora to go home.

Barry takes Nora to the future, says that he'll sense it if she tries to come back, and leaves.

When he goes to confront Eobard, Barry yells at Eobard that he took his daughter from him. Eobard says that he knew Barry would overreact and asks Barry not to hold it against Nora. Barry tells him that he lost and is finally going to get what he deserves. He speeds off as the last ten minutes until Eobard's execution count down.

Written by Gadfly on Apr 17, 2019

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