Death of a Car Salesman

A car salesman is murdered, and Ravi and Liv both eat his brain and become uber-competitive. Blaine puts the finishing touches on his Freylich-smuggling operation, Don E meets his soul mate, and Liv meets her father.



By Gadfly on Jun 21, 2019

Five Years Ago Boss meets with Beanpole Bob, aka Martin Roberts, who says that his formula for Utopium needs some work. His superior tells him to work and change his shirt, and stop sampling his product. One Year Later Martin takes some samples of his new Utopium and hides it in a drawer, then calls a friend, Hal, and sets up an appointment to take the new batch for a spin. He meets with Hal and they sample the Utopium in the back of a van. As Martin takes the Utopium, his eyes turn red…

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